The Beautiful Time With You
Chapter 426 - You Seek Your True Love, I Find My Ideal Partner (2)

Chapter 426: You Seek Your True Love, I Find My Ideal Partner (2)
“Mountain Changming actually has a firework show at night? How beautiful…” Shi Yao marveled at the sight before her.
When the firework show finally came to an end, the heated atmosphere in the air finally calmed down once more. Shi Yao and Lin Jiage’s attention was pulled back to the dining table.
As they were seated opposite to one another, they inadvertently met each other’s eyes.
There was a short moment of silence before Shi Yao asked once again, “You haven’t mentioned what you wanted to say yet…”
“Oh…” Lin Jiage seemed to be a little distracted as his voice trailed off. A short moment later, he said, “… It’s nothing now.”
Didn’t he say that he had something to say to me? Why is he saying that it’s nothing all of a sudden?
Could it be that I have already mentioned what is on his mind?
“Could it be that you wanted to talk about the annulment of our engagement too?” Shi Yao asked.
Annul your head!
Lin Jiage ignored Shi Yao as he stood up from his seat, indicating that it was time to leave.
Shi Yao took Lin Jiage’s silence as an acknowledgment of her words and didn’t probe on anymore. She quickly grabbed her stuff before rising to her feet too.
The two of them walked out of the alfresco restaurant and headed over to the bus stop. The tourist bus which Lin Jiage had reserved was waiting there for them.
Shi Yao got onto the bus and took a seat, only to find out that Lin Jiage was still standing outside at the bus stop. She turned to him and shouted, “Why aren’t you getting up?”
With a nonchalant tone, Lin Jiage said, “The driver is waiting for you at the foot of the mountain. He’ll drive you back home.”
“What about you? Aren’t you heading down?” Shi Yao asked.
“I’ll head down later on,” Lin Jiage replied with a very casual tone,
“Oh… Okay.”
Shi Yao thought that Lin Jiage still had matters to attend to, so she didn’t dwell too much on this matter.
Seeing that the two of them had ended their conversation, the bus driver turned to Lin Jiage and asked, “Mister, should I drive the Miss down the mountain now?”
Lin Jiage nodded in response.
As the driver walked onto the bus and started the engine, Shi Yao suddenly recalled the matter concerning the annulment of their engagement, and she turned to Lin Jiage once more and shouted, “Oh right! You must remember to tell me once you have decided on a date!”
However, Lin Jiage ignored Shi Yao and walked away without saying a word.
Looking at Lin Jiage’s departing back, Shi Yao couldn’t help but frown.
Is he unhappy?
But what has he to be unhappy about? I don’t recall saying or doing anything today that provoked him…
On the other hand, the driver, who had yet to set off as Lin Jiage and Shi Yao were still talking to one another, turned to Shi Yao and asked, “Miss, shall I start driving now?”
Shi Yao retracted her gaze from Lin Jiage and turned to face the driver to say, “Yes, please do.”
“Got it.”
The driver stepped on the gas pedal, and the bus began driving down the mountain slowly.
Shi Yao stared at the road ahead for a moment before suddenly turning her head around once more. It was a straight road, so she was still able to see Lin Jiage behind the bus.
The latter had halted his footsteps beneath a lamppost. His head was slightly lowered, seemingly deep in thought.
Just like the person she remembered in her memories, his silhouette itself was still very captivating even when his face couldn’t be seen.
But for some reason, Shi Yao felt that Lin Jiage wasn’t feeling too happy at the moment. He seemed to be brooding over something.
As the tourist bus drew further and further downward, Lin Jiage’s silhouette grew smaller and smaller in Shi Yao’s sight.
It was only when he could no longer be seen did Shi Yao finally turn her head back around. She stared quietly at the rows of retreating lampposts before her as she slowly fell into a daze.