The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Chapter 1294 - Fans Changing Sides

Chapter 1294 Fans Changing Sides
As Lin Che had garnered attention in the game in the past, her secondary account was a little special. It was an account that had been left behind from the internal testings. There weren’t many of these, and the equipment was especially amazing. It was just that her battle records were still pretty trash, and it was clear that she didn’t have the skills to play well.
Someone said, “Lin Che, you’re better off working on the game development instead of playing it. I can’t bear to watch how you play.”
“Give me your equipment. With such divine grade equipment, I’d be able to reach the max level.”
Damn it…
Lin Che was so angry that she felt like slamming her hand on the table.
Did she really play so badly?
Then, someone’s explanation overthrew the hottest comment. “This set of equipment should have been secretly given to her by the company. They probably saw that her gameplay was too pitiful and couldn’t bear to watch it, so they gave her these divine level equipment. Of course, it could also be possible that she had asked for it. But the good thing about this game is that no matter how good your equipment is, you won’t go far if your skills are bad. So you can take a look at her battle records and see how bad it is. She has a 57% winning rate. Chances are during the times she won, she must have been playing together with KG and the rest. As long as she plays by herself, she’d die immediately. This shows that her skill is really… So everyone, just forgive her. Can you give me the equipment?”
Crooked Neck couldn’t watch on anymore. He immediately posted comments on the official website. “Everyone, please save her some face. I had already been scolded off when I secretly got her the equipment. On the account that she’s so cute, generous, kind, and beautiful. Let’s just give her some benefits.”
Everyone took a screenshot of this post and uploaded it onto Weibo. This gave them another reason to ridicule Lin Che.
Of course, these ridicules were kind, humorous ones. Many people just felt that Lin Che was too interesting. She was such a fool that she even had to be secretly given equipment just so that she could stay in the game.
“Lin Che is so adorable. She’s too cute.”
“Steal equipment… This is really epic. Lin Che, you should just let your employees off…”
“Lin Che, you won’t be changing the game because of your trashy skills, right? Please don’t. This game is quite fun as is. Your skills aren’t that terrible. Next time, team up with me. I’ll help you…”
All the netizens were people who liked to join in the fun, especially toward fresh things. Therefore, when they saw something like this, they immediately crowded over, and the news spread to even more people. All the netizens took part. Some of them did so because they felt that it was fun, while others found it interesting. There were some who didn’t know about games who would just read the comments and then burst out laughing after reading them. One of them said something that gained a lot of recognition. “Lin Che had really lived her life into a parody. ”
Lin Che shouted, “Damn it. Is he saying that I’m a joke?”
Lin Che looked at the computer for very long and felt that these netizens were really too good at creating a ruckus.
In the afternoon, she continued with the publicity for the television series. This time around, the publicity was also at a television broadcast station.
Many fans gathered over when she reached.
Lin Che asked, “I don’t think we told the fans about our publicity?”
Yu Minmin frowned. “We didn’t. Our publicity is all done by the fan club. Otherwise, it’d be too chaotic and there might be problems if there are too many fans. Why are there so many people?”
The two of them were still talking about this when they saw the sign that one of the fans was holding. Wu Yufei’s name was written on it…
Lin Che was stunned, exclaiming in surprise, “These can’t be Wu Yufei’s fans, right?”
Yu Minmin suddenly thought of it. “Ahhh, I just remember this. They said that there’ll be Wu Yufei’s publicity here today. It’s in the same television broadcast station, but for a different show and at a different studio.”
Then what were these fans here for? To surround and attack Lin Che?
However, Lin Che thought wrong.
Wu Yufei’s team was still maintaining the order.
They liked to create commotion whenever they could, so when they had publicity events each time, they would make it a big event. Sometimes, they would even inform their fans. Some fans who got to know about their itinerary would then come over and see their idols. This was why there were so many fans gathered at the television broadcast station.
It was the same today. Wu Yufei’s team was still watching proudly when suddenly, some fans started passing something amongst themselves and then started to squeeze over to one side.
“Hey, why are there people heading over there?”
“That’s right, that’s right. Quickly take a look to see what’s going on. Did something happen?”
The person-in-charge quickly sent someone over to ask, feeling worried that problems might occur with there being so many people.
And at that moment.
Someone spotted Lin Che’s team.
“That can’t be. That seems like Lin Che over there. Look, that’s the publicity staff next to Lin Che.”
The people who worked in this industry were very familiar with the other people in the circle. All of them knew who the people around the celebrities were as well.
Wu Yufei heard a voice saying that and her face scrunched up.
Lin Che?
Lin Che was still feeling surprised, but the people who came over weren’t here to create trouble.
“Wow, Lin Che…”
“Lin Che, I want to admire you. Can I have your signature?”
“Quickly come and take photos. It’s Lin Che.”
“Lin Che is really beautiful in person, even more so than on television.”
Yu Minmin felt that this was hilarious. She quickly said, “Everyone, please calm down. We’re here to film a show today, so you can just take photos like this. There’s too many of you here and we won’t be able to give signatures to everyone. Here are some autographed photos that have been prepared in advance. Here, take them.”
It was a norm for celebrities to prepare autograph photos as gifts when they were free.
Lin Che would sign them whenever she had some free time, just in case she really needed to give them away.
Yu Minmin took them out and distributed it to the fans.
Lin Che bumped Yu Minmin. “Hey, what if Wu Yufei sees this?”
Yu Minmin let out a snort. “We weren’t the ones to get them to come over. It’d be best if Liang Shan dies from anger. He’s been overly arrogant of late.”
Lin Che was speechless. She shrugged and smiled at the fans.
Some of Wu Yufei’s loyal fans were infuriated when they saw this scene, and came over angrily. This was especially when they saw that these fans were holding onto Lin Che’s photos. Someone agitated came up to snatch them.
“You traitors are too unbelievable. How can you be like this, to get this b*tch’s photos? Tear them all up.”
The people who managed to get the photographs were still feeling very lucky and happy when they were suddenly attacked. They immediately flared up and started scolding back.
“We’re free to choose who to like. What are you guys doing?”
“That’s right. Who says that if we like Wu Yufei, we can’t like someone else?”
“You guys aren’t God. You can decide who we choose to like.”
“Your Wu Yufei is amazing, but she isn’t unique.”
“She isn’t that amazing to the extent that we can’t like someone else.”
“That’s right. It has only been a few years since she debuted. She’s no match for Lin Che at all. Now that we see how unreasonable you guys are acting as her fans, we now know what kind of caliber your idol has. To think that you snatched someone else’s things. Do you know that this is against the law?”
Everyone started bickering, and a great commotion broke out at the empty space in front of the television broadcast station.
When the television broadcast station’s staff discovered this, they were angry as well.
“It’s Wu Yufei again. Why did she bring so many fans here for no reason? She got so many people here to create trouble when she’s just attending a show. That’s really annoying.”