The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Chapter 436 - They Got Into A Fight

Chapter 436: They Got Into A Fight

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Gu Jingze said that it didn’t matter what she gave as he already had Qin Hao prepare his gift a long time ago.
Lin Che and Gu Jingze returned to the Gu household together. When they got out of the car, they saw that Yu Minmin was also coming over.
She got out of the car and quickly ran to Lin Che. Looking at Lin Che, she said, “I was still wondering when you were going to come. It’s my first time here and I thought I wouldn’t be able to find the place.”
Lin Che asked, “How can that be? Can’t you just let Big Brother bring you in?”
Yu Minmin shook her head with her mouth slightly opened, “Pinning any hope on him would be as good as pinning hope on me.”
Yu Minmin saw Gu Jingze come out and she quickly stood to the side. She greeted Gu Jingze, “President Gu.”
Gu Jingze looked at Yu Minmin, “You can call me by my name at home.”
How could Yu Minmin ever get used to that? This was Gu Jingze. Would she be crazy enough to address him by name?
How could she when she always felt that she could get dragged out by Gu Jingze’s men at any minute?
Lin Che said, “Alright, let’s go in. This place is indeed rather huge. I wonder who will come today.”
“Will there be a lot of people?”
“Gu Jingze said that it is a family gathering, so there shouldn’t be outsiders. But who knows?”
Lin Che looked at the people coming in from behind. Gu Jingze’s men and the president’s guards all looked extremely distinct.
Because Gu Jingming was busy, he could only join later. Lin Che and Yu Minmin went to meet Mu Wanqing first.
Mu Wanqing smiled at Lin Che and said, “Right, I watched the joke you told on the Internet.”
Lin Che said speechlessly, “Mom, that was just for fun. You still watched it… I’m so embarrassed…”
“Don’t be. I thought it was hilarious. I didn’t think you knew how to tell jokes, Little Che.”
Lin Che really felt embarrassed. That joke was so perverted…
Mu Wanqing also smiled at Yu Minmin. She wasn’t particularly familiar with her, so she wasn’t as intimate as she was with Lin Che. However, she was already elated that Gu Jingming could get married. She doted on her children-in-law very much.
“Quick, come in. Lin Che, it’s excellent that you two know each other. That Jingming child is too aloof. I was afraid that Minmin would get scared off.”
The three ladies walked out to the backyard. The huge backyard of the Gu household was an open-air space decorated into a little tea party.
Lin Che just sat down with Yu Minmin when Lu Chuxia arrived.
When she came in, she quickly greeted Mu Wanqing.
However, Mu Wanqing was very neutral to her.
People were selfish. When there were no children-in-law, she felt that the house would be very lively whenever there was a guest. Now that she had two daughters-in-law, all her attention had shifted to them and she couldn’t be bothered with anyone else.
Thus, she only smiled and said, “Go in and see what you’d like to eat. I’m busy today, so I probably won’t be able to entertain you. Do have fun on your own. Jingyan will be here later and you will have someone with you then.”
Lu Chuxia still wanted to give her a present and congratulate her, but Mu Wanqing already walked away.
Lu Chuxia could only stand there and hear others comment, “Madam Gu is really busy today.”
“Yes, both of her daughters-in-law are here.”
“They look really grand sitting there.”
“That place is only designated for family. The people sitting there now is Mrs. Gu, Gu Jingze’s wife. The other one is Madam President. You can’t match up to them.”
Lu Chuxia looked over. Sure enough, she saw Lin Che and Yu Minmin sitting together.
Lu Chuxia huffed and made a beeline to them, but a few female bodyguards outside stopped Lu Chuxia.
Gu Jingming specially chose these bodyguards for Yu Minmin. As Madam President, she had to bring some people along whenever she attended an event and it wasn’t convenient to bring men with her.
Lu Chuxia asked, “Don’t you know who I am? You dare to stop me?”
But the four women did not budge.
“You guys…” Lu Chuxia was fuming when Lu Beichen arrived.
“That’s enough, Chuxia. Stop creating trouble all the time.”
Lu Chuxia said, “They’re not letting me go there.”
Lu Beichen looked inside, “It’s good enough for you to stay here.”
Lin Che only watched Lu Chuxia kick up a fuss. She would never interfere.
However, she saw Lu Beichen arrive. He didn’t have any vengeance with her and he was the Gu family’s son-in-law. She had to give face to him.
She got up and walked to them.
“Alright. This is Miss Lu. You guys don’t need to block her.”
The bodyguards saw that it was Lin Che and then stepped aside.
They previously stopped her during the wedding in Glazed Tile Palace and were reprimanded by their superior. That was how they learned that Lin Che was part of the Gu family. Her status was different and they had to respect her.
Although Lu Chuxia wasn’t being held back now, she was still unhappy.
Weren’t these the presidential guards? Why did they listen to Lin Che? What was the meaning of this?
Lu Chuxia grunted at Lin Che.
Lu Beichen looked at Lin Che, not expecting her to be such an easygoing person.
They hadn’t interacted much before and his impression of her changed a little this time.
He wasn’t an unreasonable person. He looked at Lu Chuxia and then apologized to Lin Che, “Ignore her, just take it that she has a loose screw. Please call me if you need anything. I’ll come to you whenever.”
Lin Che quickly said, “It’s alright. Go do your own things. There are people everywhere. Nothing will happen.”
Lu Beichen expressed his concern.
Nothing would happen if it was someone else. But with this sister of his, who knew what could happen?
But he looked deeply at the other side and still decided to smile and go entertain other guests.
Lu Chuxia looked at Yu Minmin, suddenly remembering how she insulted Yu Minmin. Today, she was actually Madam President.
Lu Chuxia looked back at Lin Che and thought that she was really cunning. She was bringing all her own people into the Gu family.
She really underestimated this woman in the past.
Because of this woman, she was now despised by Gu Jingze.
It was also because of this woman that Gu Jingze actually found out about all her dirty deeds. Thinking about it made Lu Chuxia feel so ashamed.
Anyway, it was all this woman’s fault!
Lu Chuxia looked at Yu Minmin inside, “Not bad, Lin Che. You made your stray cats and dogs become part of the Gu family so that your position in the family could stabilize, right?”
Lin Che’s face darkened, “I only let you through for your brother’s sake. Please clean your dirty mouth.”
“Since when did I, Lu Chuxia, need to rely on someone else?” Lu Chuxia scoffed. “Furthermore, did I say anything wrong? If that isn’t a stray cat, then what is it?”
“That is Madam President. Don’t tell me that the young mistress of the Lu family is so ill-mannered?”
“I don’t need manners for scum like you!” Lu Chuxia said blatantly.
Just then, Yu Minmin approached them.
Hearing every insult made her face darken.
Lin Che already lost control and was about to lunge forward.
Yu Minmin pulled her back down.
“Lin Che, don’t move.”
Lu Chuxia looked at Lin Che who wanted to lunge at her, “Very well. Do you want to hit me? Come on, do it. Let me see what you got! If you dare to hit me, you better pray that you’ll forever be under Gu Jingze’s protection. Otherwise, my family will skin you alive sooner or later.”