The Brilliant Fighting Master
Chapter 1434 - Five Poisons!

Chapter 1434: Five Poisons!
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“Little friend.”
“Big sister.”
Uncle Black and Princess Keer pulled the two people apart once again.
“Little friend, please cool your temper. It seems like you have an understanding of formations, do you have any suggestions?” Uncle Black wasn’t just a warmhearted person. He was also a person with sharp observation power.
Jiang Chen discovered the formation early, and he also discerned that they mustn’t use brute power to charge through it. Now, they ended up standing in the formation, and the current issue was how they could leave.
“This isn’t an exquisite formation. But one still mustn’t underestimate it, and if one wants to break it directly, a Martial Saint must attack it.”
In other words, if there was a Martial Saint here, they wouldn’t need to depend upon any techniques. They would have managed to break the formation in a minute, and leave this place.
However, there wasn’t any Martial Saint here, and even if Jiang Chen’s attainments in formations’ field were higher, he would still have to admit that he didn’t possess a Martial Saint’s power.
Upon hearing Jiang Chen saying so, Uncle Black quieted for a moment and inquired to Jiang Chen about more information.
“This is three rings formation, and it had a ring after the other. The first ring was the vortex, and its power obstructed us. Its purpose was dealing with Sky Horses Running Amok in the Air Formation.”
“As for the second and third rings, one doesn’t need to say anything about them, as it’s obvious that their purpose is killing us,” Jiang Chen said.
Upon hearing Jiang Chen’s clear and logical explanation, Uncle Black and the soldiers got a new level of respect for him.
“Pah, what three rings formation?” Princess Diao Yang grumbled.
“Princess, please trust my intuition.” Uncle Black had rich experience, which he got through interacting with people for many years, and he felt like Jiang Chen was reliable.
Now, it was only Jiang Chen who still rode a horse, and since he was at a higher altitude, he could see everything more clearly than the others.
“Be careful and hold your breaths. The fog is poisonous.” Jiang Chen noticed that the white fog had something like green ink in it, and it was spreading among the fog.
“It’s Five Poisons Formation, and it’s really marvelous. As expected of the Nether World School’s killers.” Even though Jiang Chen hated the Nether World School, he still admired its members for their skill.
The killing formations set by them seem stupid, yet they are outstanding, and they contained the essence of the greatest, yet simplest Doctrine.
Mysterious formations would catch people off-guard, and even if a Martial Saint were here, he might still end up dead here. But Jiang Chen could depend upon his brilliant skill to break the formation.
The Nether World School possessed great intelligence networks, and they knew that there weren’t any Martial Saints among this team. This was why such a foolish tactic was quite effective.
“What a powerful poison gas, it can unexpectedly corrode my Protective Dipper Energy.”
As Jiang Chen saw that the soldiers were on the verge of collapse, he distributed his detoxification pills among them.
“Hey, where is mine?”
However, Princess Diao Yang didn’t get one.
“I felt like it will be more beneficial to us if you get knocked unconscious by the poison,” Jiang Chen said.
“Princess, take mine.” Uncle Black chuckled bitterly and handed over his detoxification pill to her.
Princess Diao Yang wasn’t reserved, and she accepted it readily.
Jiang Chen shook his head and handed over another one to Uncle Black.
“Little friend, if we can escape from here, our Zhao State will surely express its thanks to you,” Uncle Black spoke excitedly.
“We are all stranded here together, and there isn’t any need for thanks.”
“It’s fine as long as you know it,” Princess Diao Yang spoke out of displeasure.
Jiang Chen had almost thrust his sword at the princess. However, he didn’t have enough time for this, as five poisonous creatures hidden by the fog were in the team’s vicinity, and they were approaching them. They were a scorpion, a snake, a centipede, a spider, and a toad.
Every one of them was as big as a house, and the poisonous fog was intertwining around them.
The soldiers threw out the lances in their hands, and they shot them at the toad.
Jiang Chen wanted to obstruct them. But it was already too late. The spears that possessed tremendous power left many bloody holes in the toad’s body.
However, the toad didn’t reveal any pained response, and its blood and flesh splattered over the crowd like rain. Everyone who came in contact with its flesh and blood would be corroded by it until only bones were left, and even the soldiers’ armor was turned into molten iron.
“If you want to break the five poisons formation, you must kill the five poisonous creatures in order, and once you have made any mistakes, all previous efforts will be wasted,” Jiang Chen shouted.
“Listen to him and obey our little friend’s orders. Don’t take any actions without getting a command from him,” Uncle Black spoke anxiously.
While they were speaking, the toad opened its mouth, and its purple tongue shot out. It was quicker than lighting, and it targeted Jiang Chen. The tongue contained acute venom, and once it touched someone, he would surely die.
Uncle Black only had enough time to open his mouth, and he couldn’t even speak and warn Jiang Chen in time.
“Get lost!”
Jiang Chen reacted quickly, and his Heavenly Fault Sword instantly left its sheath. It was waved at the purple tongue.
“What a swift sword unsheathing speed.”
Uncle Black and the two princesses were startled. They had assumed that it was only Jiang Chen’s movement techniques that were outstanding, and didn’t expect that his sword techniques were also so brilliant.
The sharp sword was unsheathed instantly and cut apart the purple tongue. It was then that the toad let out a horrendous pained cry.
The cut-off tongue that fell on the ground emitted a strange noise, while a foul smell came from it as it disintegrated.
On the other side, a new tongue grew out of the toad’s body. This was one of the Five Poisons Formation’s amazing aspects. Once one attacked the wrong target, all five poisonous creatures would recover.
Moreover, they mustn’t make a single mistake, and they mustn’t just find the first target, as the following order was also important. If they made a mistake, then they would have to start anew.
The five poisonous creatures were closing in on them, and the armed soldiers, who consumed the detoxification pills, got a dizzy spell, while their visions went black.
“You should first kill the snake, scorpion, toad, and spider, before killing the centipede.”
Jiang Chen took a deep breath and let out an angry shout that startled the armed soldiers.
After they got command, the armed soldiers, who were are all Martial Emperors, started attacking with their whole power.
The strongest trait of the five poisonous creatures was their poison, as for their defense, it was extremely frail, and once the crowd found the order, they became able to kill them easily.
“It’s still fine,” Jiang Chen said and rejoiced. The formation master in the dark didn’t have a brilliant skill, and couldn’t change the five poisonous creatures’ order at the last moment. If he could achieve it, Jiang Chen would have found such a task more strenuous.
After the five poisonous creatures died, the fog started dissipating, while the great formation’s second ring was broken by them smoothly.
However, the soldiers’ casualties reached a third of their number, while they were all tormented by the poisonous fog.
Jiang Chen looked at Uncle Black and the two princesses, which were the strongest among everyone here.
Uncle Black had to protect the princesses, while the princesses had a prominent status, and mustn’t risk their lives.
Jiang Chen sneered several times coldly. This was one of the reasons why he hated royalty. The royal family’s members all assumed that they had a noble status above everyone else.
Even though so many people died, it didn’t seem like Princess Diao Yang was sad, and she just used her hand to cover her mouth and nose while she furrowed her brow. The reason behind this was the foul smell brought by the poison fog still didn’t dissipate.
“Princesses, you have exhausted so many resources and ended up inadvertently taking other people’s opportunities. But what the significance behind your training to the martial-grade Realm?”
Since the great formation’s third stage still didn’t start, Jiang Chen took avail of such time to question the princesses.
Princess Diao Yang was startled by this, and she glared at him angrily. She said, “What do you mean by this?”
“You are a late-stage Martial Emperor. But your fighting prowess doesn’t even rival half of a soldier’s power. Yet you still wanted to use it to race against me?” Jiang Chen sneered coldly and spoke.
It wasn’t difficult for the princess to discern the mockery hidden behind Jiang Chen’s words, and she flew into a rage. But she still couldn’t say anything even after a long time.
“Little friend, the princesses are their target, and they mustn’t take any risks,” Uncle Black spoke anxiously.
Jiang Chen shook his head helplessly and didn’t say anything else.