The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting
Chapter 563 - That's A Ruthless Role Too

Chapter 563: That’s A Ruthless Role Too
Shui Anluo’s face grew even redder. She was not sure if what he said had embarrassed her or because she was feeling stuffy under the pillow.
After he finished dressing, Chu Ningyi turned to the woman who was still buried under the pillow. “You better get up soon, isn’t Qiao Yaruan supposed to come by?”
Shui Anluo immediately stuck her neck out like an ostrich. She had nearly forgotten about that.
Shui Anluo quickly got off the bed when she thought about this. However, she gasped when her feet touched the ground. Chu Ningyi reached her in time and helped her to her feet.
“Are you alright?”
His question was met with Shui Anluo angry glare.
Chu Ningyi raised his brow and was unbothered. Instead, he put his jacket on and looked down at the little thing whose only specialty was to give him trouble. He bent down and kissed the baby on his little cheek, then turned around and left.
Shui Anluo returned to the guest room, washed up and changed her clothes. When she arrived downstairs, Maid Yu had already heated up their breakfast several times.
“Morning, Maid Yu,” Shui Anluo said. After some thought, she realized that was the wrong thing to say. Maid Yu had tricked her yesterday so Shui Anluo decided to sever her ties with Maid Yu for just one day.
Maid Yu chuckled, seemingly unbothered by Shui Anluo’s anger. She has a sense of propriety and she knew what should be done and what should not.
“Come and eat,” Chu Ningyi called out.
Shui Anluo leaped over and sat down next to Chu Ningyi. Shui Anluo looked at the simple breakfast, it was her favorite soft-boiled eggs, millet congee, and pickled vegetables.
Forget it. She would let it go on account of this breakfast.
“I’m thinking of going shopping with the Empress Dowager this afternoon, that alright?” Shui Anluo asked as she ate.
Chu Ningyi frowned. “Haven’t you just bought a lot of things?”
“This isn’t the same, we’ve always shopped for seasonal clothes together.” Shui Anluo objected.
Chu Ningyi looked down at the watch on his wrist. “Get back before six.”
“Definitely.” Shui Anluo grinned as she lowered her head and started to eat.
Chu Ningyi left after breakfast. Shui Anluo went upstairs to sort things out and take out all the things she had bought for Qiao Yaruan. Altogether, the number of items was enough to fill a small luggage bag.
After Chu Ningyi reached the lobby, Uncle Chu was already waiting for him. He opened the door and got into the car. “How’s the situation?”
“Your cousin is still at home and hasn’t come out.” Uncle Chu had specially made a trip to check on Mo Lusu before coming over this morning.
“Any movements on Mo Yin’s end?” Mo Yin was Mo Lusu’s father who was once his uncle.
“There’s none, Director Mo has been out of the country recently and hasn’t returned. Madam Mo had come to look for your cousin once while you were away. However, it seemed like the visit had ended on a sour note.”
“Madam… Mo?” Chu Ningyi leaned back on his chair and smirked. “That’s a ruthless role too.”
“Young Master…”
“It’s nothing. Come, let’s head off to the office,” Chu Ningyi said and closed his eyes, intending on catching up on some sleep in the car.
Qiao Yaruan arrived before Shui Anluo could finish sorting things out. As she had been here before and Shui Anluo had notified the receptionist downstairs, Qiao Yaruan was allowed inside once she arrived.
“Young Madam, Miss Qiao is here.” Maid Yu called out from downstairs.
“Come up, Empress Dowager. I’m not done yet,” Shui Anluo called out loudly from upstairs as she continued to sort things out.
Qiao Yaruan greeted Maid Yu before she headed upstairs.
Shui Anluo had scattered everything on the floor. Qiao Yaruan had to hop several times before she could reach the side of the bed. “What’re you doing, are you setting up a stall?”
“I’d brought these back from Provence. These are from my mother and here are the things I’ve bought for you. Aren’t I a good sister?” Shui Anluo replied as she pressed her hand down on Qiao Yaruan’s head, making her nod in agreement.