The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO
Chapter 1179 - : I Like My Old Man (1)

Chapter 1179: I Like My Old Man (1)
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When Mu Huan and Bo Junyan got on the plane, they realized that Long Feiting and Gu Chenyi were there.
Bo Junyan’s expression darkened.
It was still the same thing. Although he knew that his wife would never have anything to do with them, he would still feel annoyed watching them circle around his wife.
One was his nephew, and the other was someone who had saved his wife.
When Mu Huan saw Gu Chenyi, she automatically ignored him. She simply greeted Long Feiting and sat in her seat.
“Xiao Huan, I’ve bought a lot of good food. Come and have some.” Long Feiting brought a bag of snacks for Mu Huan. It was a type of snack that she liked to eat.
Mu Huan had never been one to reject food. She reached out and took it. “You have business in Country F?”
“Yes,” Long Feiting said.
The illegal testing of Rui Hui Pharmaceuticals was done in Country F. Long Feiting had heard that the citizens of Country F were very resistant to Rui Hui. Mu Huan might be in danger this time. Although Bo Junyan was with her and there was no need for him to do anything, he still wanted to follow her, just in case.
“There’s nothing fun in Country F. Besides, there’s been a flu going on there recently. I think it’s better for you to return home,” Mu Huan said.
“I’ve never been to Country F before. There should be lots of scenery I haven’t seen.”
Mu Huan glanced at him and did not speak further. She focused on eating her good food.
“Uncle.” Gu Chenyi handed Bo Junyan a bottle of water.
Bo Junyan glanced at him, but he still took the water.
When Mu Huan heard Gu Chenyi call Bo Junyan Uncle, she was stunned. “Hubby, what did he call you?”
“Uncle,” Long Feiting kindly answered for Bo Junyan. “Gu Chenyi is Uncle Bo’s cousin’s son. They’re biological uncle and nephew.”
Mu Huan: “…”
Her ex-boyfriend called her husband uncle… In other words, she was his aunt…
Freaking hell!
She had actually forgotten such a melodramatic matter!
When she snapped back to her senses, she looked at Long Feiting and said, “You called my husband Uncle Bo, which means that you should call me Aunt.”
Long Feiting: “…”
Mu Huan thought about Long Feiting calling her aunt and instantly shook her head. “But you’d better not call me that. It’ll make me feel like I’ve instantly aged a lot!”
“Who asked you to marry an old man?!” Long Feiting was a bold person who dared to say such things in front of Bo Junyan. “It wasn’t easy for you to get a divorce with him and walk back to the beautiful path of youth, but you ended up with him again!”
“We didn’t get a divorce. He’s still my husband. It’s not that we’ve gotten together again. It’s just that we haven’t separated!” Mu Huan was still like before, absolutely protecting Bo Junyan.
“Also, you’re not allowed to say that my husband is an old man. Which part of my husband is old? Look at this face, look at how old it is!” Mu Huan reached out and lifted Bo Junyan’s chin, letting Long Feiting see clearly how handsome and young her husband was!
Bo Junyan: “…”
His little cutie was much bolder than before.
“Even if he doesn’t look old, he’s still an old man.” Long Feiting snorted.
“So what if he’s an old man? I like my old man! My old man is the most handsome old man in the world!” Mu Huan said as she reached out to hug Bo Junyan with a blissful expression.
Long Feiting’s mood turned gloomy, and Bo Junyan’s moodiness instantly dissipated because of her words. His dragon heart was elated as he lowered his head and kissed her red lips.
If they wanted to be provoked, then let them be provoked and suffer enough.