The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO
Chapter 1199 - Wearing a Mask, You Look as Beautiful as a Fairy (3)

Chapter 1199: Wearing a Mask, You Look as Beautiful as a Fairy (3)
Although Bo Junyan already had such a compatible wife, who wouldn’t want a better one?
Hence, regarding the development between the two of them, he was doing them a favor and not doing anything to break the other up. However, he would help the other party if he could.
After all, if Bo Junyan were to get together with Sen Nalin, he would give them more resources in the future. This was an excellent thing.
But now…
There was probably no chance.
“Let’s go. It’s about time.” Although this invitation would not be like what they had thought, they had already agreed on it. They still had to go on time.
The three of them arrived at the leader’s exclusive back mountain.
It was said that Sen Nalin had taken a fancy to Bo Junyan. It was really rare to see such a rich and handsome man like Bo Junyan. It was too hard to resist him.
This was especially so for Sen Nalin, who had been beautiful since she was young and came from a good family. This made her think highly of herself. Having lived for so long, the person she liked the most was Bo Junyan. Hence, although she knew that he had a wife, she still tried her best to get close to him and get him.
She felt that with her status and her beauty, no man would not want her.
She would definitely get what she wanted!
Ling Wei saw that Sen Nalin would look at the entrance from time to time. Even though she knew that she was waiting for Bo Junyan, she pretended to be ignorant and asked, “Nalin, what are you looking at?”
“Nothing,” Sen Nalin said arrogantly.
No matter what, Bo Junyan was now a married man. She couldn’t tell others that she liked Bo Junyan and be seen as a third party. What she wanted was to let Bo Junyan know that she was interested in him. Then, he would take the initiative to divorce his wife and pursue her to be with her.
It wasn’t that Sen Nalin was a moron who thought she was so beautiful and so great. It was just that her status made her feel that she should be able to get everything she wanted easily.
Ling Wei knew what she was thinking and did not expose her. Just then, Bo Junyan and Mu Huan walked in together. She immediately said, “That seems to be Bo Junyan, the CEO of the Bo Group.”
“Okay.” Sen Nalin could not take her eyes off of Bo Junyan as he walked in.
At this moment, Bo Junyan, who was wearing a mask, was really…
Just like what Mu Huan had said, he looked like a fairy wearing a mask!
That person must be very handsome!
“It’s rare to see such an outstanding man like him,” Ling Wei said further.
“Yes, yes, very rare!” Sen Nalin nodded repeatedly.
“It’s just that him getting married so early and having such a wife… is a pity…” Ling Wei almost sighed. Then, she said, “A man like him should be matched with a more noble woman.”
“Do you think so too?” That was what Sen Nalin was thinking. Hence, when she heard Ling Wei’s words, she was pleasantly surprised that she had met a confidant.
“I think so too! This Mu Huan is not good enough for Bo Junyan!” Sen Nalin did not beat around the bush and was not afraid of anything. Hence, she spoke very directly.
“With Bo Junyan’s status, and being such a talent…” The more Ling Wei spoke, the more she touched on Sen Nalin’s heart.
It made her feel even more that she was the most compatible with Bo Junyan.
She should be with Bo Junyan!
Ling Wei smiled when she saw that Sen Nalin was getting more and more enthusiastic. Mu Huan, let’s see how capable you are!
If Mu Huan could deal with a strong enemy like Sen Nalin, Ling Wei would really be convinced!