The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO
Chapter 1320 - Talk Is Easy (7)

Chapter 1320: Talk Is Easy (7)
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Now that she had someone she loved, she wanted to eat delicacies and look at beautiful scenery with him. She wanted her husband to be by her side and admire this beautiful scenery with her.
However, although he wasn’t by her side, they could still enjoy the beautiful scenery together.
She took out her phone and called Bo Junyan.
As soon as she dialed, Bo Junyan picked up.
“Hubby, why did you pick up so quickly? Aren’t you busy?”
“I’m busy.”
“So why did you pick up so quickly?!”
“I was busy thinking about you, so I couldn’t wait.”
When Mu Huan heard his words, her eyes widened in shock. “Oh my god! Is this still my husband? He actually knows how to say sweet nothings!”
And they were even so romantic!
“I am your husband.”
Mu Huan: “…”
She was starting to suspect that this was a fake husband. Her husband had always been cold and aloof. When he could just say yes, he would definitely not say another word. Now, he could even speak like this!
“What’s wrong?”
“It feels like you’re an imitation!”
Bo Junyan: “…”
Didn’t they say that women liked to hear sweet talk? Why did his sweet talk turn him into an imitation…
“Hubby, look! Isn’t this place beautiful?!” Mu Huan pointed the camera at the sea of flowers.
“Not good. Not as good as you,” Bo Junyan said.
Mu Huan: “…”
No wonder women liked to hear sweet nothings. These sweet nothings were really nice by themselves, but they become as sweet as honey in their hearts!
“Hubby, I really want to hug you!” The more she thought about it, the more mushy Mu Huan felt. She really wanted her husband to be right in front of her right now, letting her hug and kiss him.
“Hug me if you want.”
“How?” Mu Huan pouted. He wasn’t here!
“Turn around and give me a hug.” The tall man came up behind Mu Huan.
When Mu Huan heard the voice that was almost right above her head, she was stunned for a moment before turning around in disbelief. “Hubby, why are you here?!”
“I came over after I was done with work.” After being separated for so long, he was unwilling to be separated from her again. Even if it was for a short period of time, he was also unwilling. If there was something he had to do, he would fly to her side once he was done.
Mu Huan smiled widely and threw herself at him. “Hubby, I love you!”
Bo Junyan hugged her tightly. “Love you.”
Previously, he’d felt that Mu Huan’s professions of love for her husband were a mantra without any sincerity. Now, he no longer felt that way and even learned to respond to her.
Country F…
“How is it?” Ling Wei looked at the man who had returned and now wanted to know how his plan went.
“It didn’t go well,” the man said with a frown.
“What’s going on? Sen Tai’s whereabouts are unknown now. Shouldn’t the leader hand over all the work that belongs to Sen Tai to you?” Ling Wei asked in confusion.
“He has been handed over to Lin Tai.”
“Why? You’re the leader’s brother too!”
“I’m from a different mother. I’m different from his biological brother, Sen Tai. He’d rather give his authority to a relative than to me,” the man mocked.
“Then what do we do now?” She had originally thought that after he succeeded, she wouldn’t have to be with Sen Tai and wouldn’t have to live such a disgusting life. Now, looking at the situation, it was probably… hopeless.
After a moment of silence, the man said, “I’ll inject a drug into Sen Tai. This will make him listen to you. We’ll manipulate him from behind the scenes. After we get his power, we’ll…”
His ultimate goal was to kill the leader and become the one standing at the highest point.