The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO
Chapter 1321 - Talk Is Easy (8)

Chapter 1321: Talk Is Easy (8)
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“If there’s such a drug, why didn’t you take it out earlier? Why did I have to be so careful to please him?!” Ling Wei said angrily.
“Before, this drug hasn’t been developed yet. It’s just been developed,” the man said.
Ling Wei thought that there was no need for him to lie to her. Besides, if he’d had such a drug long ago, he would have been even more anxious to use it than she was. This was because she knew how much he wanted to stand at the top and wash away the humiliation he had suffered since he was young.
“Then inject him and find a reasonable opportunity to let me be found out with him.” Although things didn’t go the way she wanted them to, it wasn’t a bad thing to get Sen Tai to listen to whatever she said from now on.
“It’s been hard on you.” The man reached out and pulled her into his embrace.
“As long as it’s successful, it’s not hard to do anything.”
“After we succeed, I’ll give you whatever you want!” the man swore.
“As long as you don’t kill the donkey after it has done the plowing, that’s fine. I don’t ask for much, and you should know that.” After experiencing so many things, Ling Wei no longer thought so beautifully when she thought about things. She wanted him to know that things in this world were not something he could easily control, especially since she had given herself to Sen Tai for him. This way, there would be no possibility between her and him in the future.
Even if he was willing to have her, he would be asking her to be his secret lover. She, Ling Wei, didn’t want to live such an unbearable life anymore!
She didn’t need a man in her future life! She only wanted a career!
She had sacrificed so much and done so much for him. She only wanted him to give her the career she wanted after he succeeded! She only wanted money and power!
“You’re really too smart and sensible. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely give you the future you want!” The man was really satisfied with Ling Wei. A person like her, who was smart, scheming, knew when to retreat, and had beautiful means, was too useful.
He had not misjudged her!
“I believe you.” Ling Wei looked up and kissed him.
Since she had already fallen into a quagmire and was already in such an unbearable situation, so what if things became even more unbearable?
Her pride had long been broken. Now, she needed to use all means to climb up!
When she thought that Mu Huan was the one who had caused her to end up like this, Ling Wei’s gaze turned frighteningly vicious!
After the kiss.
“By the way, we have to get rid of Mu Huan and Bo Junyan first! Otherwise, once news of Sen Tai and me getting rescued is released, the two of them will definitely think of a way to take revenge! This will ruin your plan.” Ling Wei knew that if she asked the man to deal with Bo Junyan and Mu Huan because of her, he wouldn’t go.
Just like last time, when she said that, he wanted her to wait.
Hence, even if it wasn’t for her sake, he still had to deal with Mu Huan for his plan.
When the man heard this, he frowned. It was indeed as she had said. Mu Huan and Bo Junyan had almost been killed by Ling Wei. Once they got the news that she was still alive, they would definitely not let her off! This would naturally affect his plan. Now, it was obvious that he didn’t have the time to operate on another woman and turn them into Ling Wei. Hence, he could only protect Ling Wei and had to deal with Bo Junyan and the rest.
However, if the two of them did not die under such circumstances, it was going to be too difficult to deal with them.
At the thought of this, he suddenly felt a little frustrated. If he had known earlier, he wouldn’t have let Ling Wei deal with Mu Huan, causing her identity to be exposed!
But now, it was useless even if he regretted it.
After a moment of silence, he said, “The Liu father and son have been very active recently. The effect of their actions is not bad.. The two of them can still be used.”