The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO
Chapter 1322 - Joint Siege (1)

Chapter 1322: Joint Siege (1)
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Ling Wei nodded. “Yes, that Mr. Liu is a good person.”
Mr. Liu was scheming and ruthless. He had connections as well. Country Y was not Bo Junyan’s territory. There was a chance of winning if he was used to deal with Bo Junyan and the rest.
“This time, we have to discuss a foolproof plan. We have to ensure the success rate before we take action.”
In the Imperial Capital…
“Dingjing, what kind of person is Mu Huan? Why did she divorce Junyan previously? Is there something wrong with her? If there’s something wrong with her, should we let them remarry like this? Is it…” Meng Yueman became a little worried after her initial happiness.
People were like this. They felt that there was no time when they especially desired something. After they had it, they would think about other things. For example, when Meng Yueman’s son was not yet married or did not yet have children, she yearned for it. No matter what, as long as the other party was a woman and could give birth to her son’s biological child, it would be fine.
Now, her son had said that he wanted her to have a grandson at the end of the year. After she was happy, she couldn’t help but think about what kind of person this wife was and why she had separated from her son previously.
After being hypnotized, Meng Yueman had no memory of Mu Huan. She only knew that this was her former daughter-in-law.
After Meng Yueman said this, she felt a little upset. “Tell me, why did I forget about this daughter-in-law when I remember everything else well?”
Bo Dingjing looked at Meng Yueman silently for a while. “Wifey, to be honest, you didn’t lose your memory and forget Junyan’s marriage. You were hypnotized into forgetting.”
“What?” Meng Yueman was stunned. She… she was hypnotized?
“Back then…” Bo Dingjing felt that there was no need for Mu Huan to hide her past from Meng Yueman, so he told her the truth.
Otherwise, since she was so unfamiliar with Mu Huan, she would have to nurture her feelings again. If she felt that there must be something wrong with Mu Huan for divorcing her son previously, this would only cause more trouble. After she learned the truth, she would no longer need to nurture her feelings. Furthermore, she owed Mu Huan in her heart. It would make her treat Mu Huan better. This way, the relationship between the mother and daughter-in-law would be good. In the future, their family would be more harmonious.
After Meng Yueman heard what he said, she was stunned for a while.
“Xiao Huan has never done anything wrong. It’s all our fault. We owe her too much. She’s an especially good daughter-in-law. It’s our great fortune that she can continue to be with Junyan. From now on, we have to treat her like our own daughter,” Bo Dingjing said as he held her hand.
Meng Yueman, who had suddenly realized this fact, was still in a daze. After being in a daze for a while, she said, “I want to regain my memory!”
When she heard him say such things, she couldn’t put herself in his shoes to think about it. She wanted to remember everything from the past!
“I’ll arrange for someone.”
Previously, when Meng Yueman heard Bo Junyan say that they would give birth to a grandson for her by the end of the year, she was so excited that Bo Junyan had to bring Mu Huan home first no matter how busy he was.
Hence, after the medical conference, Mu Huan returned to the Imperial Capital with Bo Junyan.
She did not feel anything when she was far away. When she returned to the country and returned to this familiar place, Mu Huan’s heart involuntarily tightened.
It had clearly been more than three years since she’d lost her granny and her father, but when she thought about that pain, it felt like it had just happened yesterday.. It hurt so much that she couldn’t breathe.