The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO
Chapter 1384 - The Last Battle (19)

Chapter 1384: The Last Battle (19)
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Li Meng thought so too. She clearly didn’t have to have such regrets. Why did she have to take the risk of dying? Besides, she had already decided to let go of that mentality and be with him. Why was she still conflicted about whether she should be with him now or in the future?
The more she thought about it, the more she felt that she had no reason to oppose him!
“Alright! From now on, we’re a couple! But let’s make it clear that you were the one who wooed me! From now on, don’t say that I was the one who wooed you!” With him like this, it was very likely that he would use this situation to make things difficult for her in the future. He would say that she felt that she was about to die and begged to be his girlfriend. Hmph!
“I was the one who chased you! I was the one who cried and begged while kneeling down to chase you!” Wu Xingye said as he pounced on her.
He was too excited! He had to hug and kiss her!
“What… what are you doing…” Li Meng widened her eyes in shock.
What was he trying to do?! This was a ward! And she was infected!
“I’m infectious!” Wasn’t she sick?! Was it appropriate for him to be like this?
“You make it sound like I’m also not infected!”
Li Meng: “…”
Freaking hell! That seemed to be the case!
There was no young girl who did not yearn for love, and Li Meng was also a young girl who did. This was especially so for her, who loved reading romance novels and watching Korean dramas. She especially liked the romantic atmosphere. She had thought of many romantic scenes of her first kiss, but she had never thought that her first kiss would be like this. In this ward, the two of them did not know if they could be saved or if they could live.
However, just as he had said, even if she died now, she… would have no regrets…
The nurse, who was wearing three layers of protective clothing, came to inject them, but when she saw this scene, she…
Suddenly, she didn’t know if she should be envious that the two of them were sick. They didn’t have to be afraid of infecting each other. They could even fall in love and kiss each other. They weren’t like them, who had to be cautious at work every day, especially when they enter such a ward. They had to wear such thick protective suits…
Once an epidemic broke out, the nurses and doctors would become warriors who stood at the front line and risked their lives to work every day.
Country F…
“Haven’t you found Bo Junyan yet?” Ling Wei frowned.
A week had passed since they discussed taking the opportunity to take Bo Junyan’s life last time. Bo Junyan could only be in Country F, but they could not find a person who was about to die of illness there! This was unbelievable!
“Yes.” Sen Da also felt that this was unbelievable. Country F was not big, and Bo Junyan had even collapsed after being infected. With such an infectious disease, it was impossible for him to have moved to another place, but they could not find him no matter what!
This was especially so bizarre since he had sent someone to assassinate Bo Junyan that same night. He was not at his original residence at that time. This was too…
“That Mu Huan is really capable!” Ling Wei knew that Mu Huan had thought that they would take the opportunity to do something to Bo Junyan, so she hid him.
It was just that she was too capable. She could actually hide someone in Country F, and Sen Tai and Sen Da’s forces could not find her even if they joined forces!
“It’s impossible for her to have such capabilities. It might be because she’s working with the leader.” Sen Da’s eyes darkened.
“Leader? Isn’t the leader sick?” Ling Wei frowned.
They had also made a move on the leader that day.. The leader now had a high fever and was unconscious. How could he have joined forces with Mu Huan?