The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO
Chapter 771 - The Best Female Genius (4)

Chapter 771: The Best Female Genius (4)
Admit your shortcomings, correct your shortcomings, and work hard to become better!
“I’m tired. Send me to school,” Mu Huan said.
“Isn’t the school dormitory closed?”
“It’s not like climbing through the window is a hard thing.”
“Why don’t you go home?”
“I don’t want to.”
Wu Xingye was speechless.
She still felt terrible.
However, he did not say anything and drove Mu Huan back to Yun University.
The next day, Mu Huan went back to the Bo residence to pack her clothes. She was going to stay at the school.
Seeing her coming down with her luggage, Meng Yueman thought that she was running away from home, so she hurriedly stopped her.
“Xiao Huan, what are you doing?”
“I’m a little busy with the school’s experiment. Isn’t Junyan not coming back these days? I want to take this period of time to stay at the school and finish up the experiment. When he’s free again, I’ll be free too.” Mu Huan’s face showed that this way, they could both have a good time.
Meng Yueman was speechless.
Was that really the case?
She knew about what happened at the company yesterday. The shareholders kept calling to complain.
No matter how bad Mu Huan was, how could she ignore the big picture and almost destroy the Bo Group!
However, she did not blame Mu Huan in her heart. On the contrary, she blamed herself. She was the one who’d said that if the mountain would not move, she should move, and she asked Mu Huan to go to the company to look for her son.
“Xiao Huan, I don’t know. The project that Junyan and the rest are busy with is so important. It’s only because I asked you to go that something like this happened. You didn’t do anything wrong, and Junyan can’t be considered to have done anything wrong either. He’s really going crazy with work. You guys must not… separate because of this…”
She was afraid that she would become the culprit and cause her son and daughter-in-law to break up.
“No, Mom!” Mu Huan laughed.
“Then why don’t you stay at home?”
“Mom, I’m really busy. The deadline for me to submit my report is about to arrive. A few days ago, I was in a bad mood and wasn’t up to doing the work. I have to make the most of my time now.” It was easy for her to let her thoughts run wild when she was sleeping alone at home. If she went to school to make herself busy, she wouldn’t think about nonsense anymore.
People couldn’t spend all their time, energy, and time on love. It could easily collapse.
“Are you in a good mood now?” Meng Yueman asked with surprise.
As a woman herself, she naturally knew that it was because she cared that a woman would feel sad and uncomfortable, afraid and uneasy, and not want to do anything.
Once she no longer had these emotions, that meant she no longer cared!
If she didn’t care anymore, then their relationship would be over!
“I’m not in a good mood. That’s why I want to use my busy schedule to divert my attention. This way, I won’t have to keep letting my imagination run wild. Didn’t Mom say that Junyan is an absolutely loyal person? I’ve decided to trust him and wait for him to finish his work first.” Mu Huan knew what her mother-in-law was afraid of, so her words were very comforting to Meng Yueman.
“If you really think that way, I can rest assured. I’m really afraid that the bad idea I came up with has hurt you all.” Meng Yueman only wanted her family to be well when she gave her daughter-in-law that idea. Unexpectedly, this matter became even bigger.
“I won’t, Mom. Don’t think too much about it! Actually, it’s my fault. I didn’t pay attention to the occasion and couldn’t control myself. Junyan has been busy these last few days, so I’ll just stay obediently at school. When he’s done, if he doesn’t blame me, we’ll still be fine!” Mu Huan said.
“It’s not your fault. There are girls who don’t like being made to feel jealous! Those who don’t like being jealous don’t like it, period! Besides, you didn’t delay anything!”