The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO
Chapter 858 - A Strong Opposition (7)

Chapter 858: A Strong Opposition (7)
“However, I feel that Sister-in-law is willing to go head to head with you now because she still has feelings for you and wants to reconcile with you. You still have a big chance. As long as you treat Sister-in-law well, the two of you can still be like before, and Fu Siye will become more pretentious. Look, now that Shangguan Yu doesn’t give any reaction to him, I reckon he’s just waiting to die. When I talked to Old Fu, he refused to listen to me and stubbornly refused to let go of the past. Look, he’ll die sooner or later.” As Gong Zeye spoke, he thought of Fu Siye, the stinky stone that made him waste his breath.
He was waiting for the day he would suffer!
“Don’t change the subject,” Bo Junyan said with a darkened expression.
“What I want to tell you is that someone like Shangguan Yu, who has loved Fu Siye so crazily since she was young, can evidently do anything for Fu Siye, and she has done everything she can. A woman like her feeling such deep love—if the man doesn’t want to treat her well, she can still let go. What more that little sister-in-law, who doesn’t have such deep feelings for you? At most, she only just fell in love with you. If you dote on her, her feelings for you might get deeper.
“But if she’s not pampered, well—she won’t have to stand to be threatened anymore. She has a handle on things and she’s rich. I’ll say the same thing again. The little butterfly will fly away!”
Bo Junyan’s expression darkened instantly!
Bo Junyan was already afraid of Mu Huan’s shallow feelings for him. Now that Gong Zeye had said this, he wanted to use all sorts of forceful means to keep her by his side.
Because he had already done everything he could to treat her well, he didn’t know how else he could dote on her.
“How should I dote on her?”
“Firstly, don’t force Sis-in-law. In particular, don’t threaten her with her good friends. No one likes to be threatened, especially since Sis-in-law has a strong personality.”
“What if she leaves?” Bo Junyan knew that Mu Huan didn’t like him threatening her, but he had no other choice.
“Just make her fall in love with you such that cannot bear to leave you!”
Bo Junyan: “Ha…”
He spoke casually.
Gong Zeye: “Don’t worry, the revised manual will be here soon!
“First of all, don’t force Sis-in-law to do anything. You went out of your way to rest at home for three days and accompany Sis-in-law, but the more you tried to nurture your relationship, the worse it got. You’re the type who has to be tough no matter what, right?”
Bo Junyan: “…”
She refused to let him hug her.
“You can’t do this. A woman is a delicate flower. She needs gentleness and love.
“You should say more…” Gong Zeye wanted to say that he should say more words of love, but he recalled that his Brother Bo was naturally bad at talking. He would not say anything else apart from things that he had to say. It was impossible for him to become a love saint who was full of romantic words.
“Since that’s the case, you don’t have to say anything. You can just show it. When you act, just remember this saying: love me, love my dog. If you want to keep her heart, you shouldn’t threaten the people she thinks highly of. You should treat the people she thinks highly of well and have them stand on your side. This way, if they put in good words for you, it’ll be like brainwashing. It’ll make Sis-in-law like you more and more.”
Bo Junyan: “…”
“I know that you’re used to being in a high position and can’t do these things, but there are some things that you have to slowly learn and do. Or do you feel that your wife is not important enough for you to go that far?”
Bo Junyan remained silent.
But Gong Zeye knew that his Brother Bo had already made up his mind.