The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO
Chapter 859 - A Strong Opposition (8)

Chapter 859: A Strong Opposition (8)
“And Brother Bo, I don’t think that Sister-in-law is being like this just because of what happened at the company last time. Sister-in-law is a reasonable person. After she’d learned that you were busy with some important project, she wouldn’t have blamed you. It must be something that happened after you went overseas, specifically what the Old Master did. It made her feel too tired and upset. Did you comfort Sister-in-law after you came back?”
Bo Junyan: “…”
“Is it too late?” His Brother Bo must have been too busy holding his wife.
Bo Junyan: “…”
“I heard that the old man mobilized a lot of people that day. Not only were his men wearing gas masks, but they were also holding electric batons. Under those circumstances, it was hard for Sister-in-law not to take things seriously, especially since Sister-in-law cares so much about her granny. When someone sees their important family member get hurt, they would not even be able to make a detailed judgment to see if the knife used to hurt them was real. Was the old man just joking with her?”
Even a fool would take such a scene seriously, let alone their sister-in-law.
“I know it’s all my grandfather’s fault. I’ve already sent someone to send him back and to guard him for 24 hours. I’ve also made arrangements to completely cut off his hopes. It’s just that in his current situation, it isn’t good for him to be agitated.”
“Old Master really knows how to give you a headache, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. If he’s like this and he gets agitated, Auntie will definitely not be able to take it. If Auntie can’t take it, Uncle will definitely not be able to take it either…” Gong Zeye felt a headache just thinking about the vicious cycle. There was no way he could handle such a matter.
He was old, sick, stubborn, and useless. He wouldn’t just retire in peace. By doing something ruthless, he’d forced others to be ruthless in turn. He just had to make a scene.
It was just that he was family. If it were someone else, they would have been dealt with directly. But there were too many considerations.
“Although you’ve already dealt with it, just like how you’ve dealt with those false reports and have made them pay the price, such a matter has already left a scar in Sis-in-law’s heart. Also, when you asked someone to stop the wedding, outsiders thought that you didn’t want Sis-in-law anymore.
“There are people looking for connections everywhere and sending female high school students to you. They say that you like young, cute, and obedient girls. There are a few families that have sought out my mother. My mother even called me to ask if I could pull this line.
“Say, Sis-in-law is such a narcissistic person. How can she not feel upset when everyone looks at her like she’s an abandoned wife? To us men, these are all trivial matters. They’re all just rumors. There’s no need to bother about them, especially you, Brother Bo. These are all things that are not worth looking at.
“But to little sister-in-law, this is a big matter. Although it won’t cause any substantial harm to her, all these will leave a scar in her heart and make her tired. You were busy at that time, so you probably didn’t give her any comfort. You didn’t even give her a detailed explanation about the wedding, right? In that case, she must have been preparing herself to leave you!
“But if you come back again only to threaten her using her good friends, since she won’t be able to beat you, she won’t be able to vent her anger that way. You even use force for all sorts of things. Why would she give you such a good attitude in return?!”
Bo Junyan kept silent for a while before asking, “How do you know her so well?”
Gong Zeye: “…!!”
He had spent so much effort to analyze the problem for him, but he only felt jealous!