The Divine Martial Stars

The Divine Martial Stars

The Divine Martial Stars
Chapter 544 - Lending

Li Mu looked at Ding Yi, who was obviously relishing his misfortune, and an idea came to his mind. He also lowered his voice so that only Ding Yi could hear him and said, “That’s not right. Aren’t you the real future leader of the Fate-defying Sect?”
Ding Yi’s face stiffened.
But soon, he curled his lips and said through the directional voice transmission, “It doesn’t matter. I’ll let you have the chance. I already have a woman that I want to marry.”
Li Mu was more speechless.
“This is not a fu*king matter of letting me have the chance, alright?
“This is a natural engagement, a tradition of the Devil Cult!
“What’s more, I don’t know the Dual Cultivation Method of the Fate-defying Sect at all.”
Ding Yi seemed to have seen through Li Mu’s mind. He winked at him and said, “I know, you must be worried about the Dual Cultivation Method, am I right? It’s no big deal. I will teach you the 36 Styles of Magical Wedding Night later, then this problem will be fixed… Believe me, you can experience its many flavors. It is absolutely cool.”
Li Mu was even more speechless.
He finally saw that Ding Yi, the future leader of the Fate-defying Sect, was wandering on the margin of being reliable and unreliable. Most of the time, he was unreliable. And very occasionally he was reliable.
This fellow was obviously giving off the undependable aura unique to the old faker.
Nevertheless, it was plain that he should not fuss over such matters at this time.
Li Mu felt that it was better to look for Ye Wuhen and bring her back before explaining the whole thing to the old lady of the Moon Dao Sect.
“I’ll be right back.”
Li Mu decided to rescue the girl first.
Ye Wuhen was holding the Moon-scrubbing Broadsword and kneeling on one knee. Fresh blood flowed down her arm, dyeing the moonlight-like shining machete red.
She gasped for air.
There were sword cuts on her back, waist, and left leg… And the wounds were deep to the bones.
Opposite her stood Qu Yi, Lord of Cold River City, who was wearing a sinister look.
“Although it’s only a small fish, it still carries some weight. Hehe, Ye Wuhen, the Virgin Goddess of the Moon Dao Sect, the number one beauty of the Devil Cult. Hehe, good, very good. I’ll use your flesh and blood as a sacrifice to my son’s spirit in heaven.”
This figure, who was the leader of one of the nine major sects, had a tone and a vicious look like that of a villain.
The experts of Cold River City had tightly surrounded Ye Wuhen with sword and broadswords in their hands.
Ye Wuhen’s face was calm. Blood dyed her light green long hair red. Her wet hair draped around her shoulders and covered her eyelids. She stared at Qu Yi and demanded, “Where is the future leader of Fate-defying Sect?”
When she set off for this place, she already knew that this could be a trap. However, she still sped here without any hesitation like a moth darting into a flame
She had come to save another person. If she died like this, she would have regrets.
Before she died, she needed to see the guy who always played the fool again. Otherwise, she would not go in peace.
“Oh, it now occurs to me that there’s a natural engagement between the Virgin Goddess of Moon Dao Sect and the future leader of Fate-defying Sect. No wonder you’re so desperate. It turns out that you’re here to rescue your little lover. Interesting.” With cruelty flashing in his eyes, Qu Yi said coldly, “You want to meet him? Well, you can see him when you’re dead. I’ll make you a ghost couple, hahaha!”
Qu Yi waved his hand.
Clusters of experts of Cold River City rushed forward.
The cold steel of the swords and broadswords glinted and crisscrossed.
Ye Wuhen rose up all of a sudden and wielded her broadsword against her opponents.
In all the shouts and howls, blood splashed. The disciples of the Cold River City constantly flew backward, screaming. Ye Wuhen’s body was also constantly decorated with new wounds. Blood kept flowing out from the cut-open flesh.
Qu Yi said in a stony voice, “Don’t let her die quickly.”
The hatred and rage in his heart, like a mountain torrent that had been gathering for a whole night, was about to burst out. The wrath was gradually devouring his sanity.
Dark clouds roamed in the sky.
Like a black beast baring its fangs and brandishing its claws, the dark clouds tore up the bright moon, leaving only a few strands of moonlight to penetrate through the cracks of the clouds and scatter around Ye Wuhen in broken forms.
As Ye Wuhen flung her broadsword, a strange resonance was formed between the moonlight and the Moon-scrubbing Broadsword.
She did not opt for an escape.
Her eyes were bright and firm, like the most perfect gems gleaming gloriously, free of dust and dirt. She looked in the direction of the Desktop Peak in the distance. “If he is really trapped, then he must be at the Desktop Peak.”
The few interactions she had with the young man kept replaying in her mind.
In the deep lake of the quiet valley of the Evil Dragon Mountain, after he was struck by lightning, he suddenly appeared in the lake she was hiding like a big black monkey. After discovering her, he risked his life and silently drove away the experts of Cold River City chasing after her. Then he held her in his arms, walked out of the Evil Dragon Mountain, and treated her injuries. At the lake bank bathed in the moonlight, and the mouth-watering smell of the fish on the grill spread out. When they met again, he easily froze her Moon-scrubbing Broadsword and unabashedly claimed that he was the future leader of Fate-defying Sect…
“I’ve only seen him twice. I’m probably going crazy.”
Ye Wuhen unleashed her strongest force and transformed into a ray of moonlight. She broke through the siege and flew toward the Desktop Peak.
Whether she was crazy or she was going to die, she had to see him again.
Qu Yi sneered, and in a flash, he already stood in front of Ye Wuhen. He punched out, and a cold wave surged. The power of the Void-breaking Realm, like a raging torrent, smashed the moonlight and shattered the sky.
Ye Wuhen spat out an arrow of blood and was sent flying backward.
However, after retreating 10 meters, she paused for a moment, then, instantly released an incredible power. She dragged her wounded body and continued to rush toward the Desktop Peak, as if she was a madwoman who knew that there were tigers in the mountains but insisted to head for the mountains. Her light green hair that had been dyed red with blood was bellowing as she hurtled toward the Desktop Peak.
“Get back to square one!”
Qu Yi let out a cold laugh and sent Ye Wuhen flying backward with another punch.
Ye Wuhen was shaking, on the verge of collapse.
She propped the machete up to prevent herself from falling.
Looking out at the Desktop Peak that was a kilometer away, she felt the peak so distant that it was unreachable.
She tried a few more times in a row, but each time she was thrown back as before.
“Take off her clothes and film her. I want the embarrassing nudity of the Virgin Goddess of the Devil Cult to be seen by the whole world.” Qu Yi uttered the malicious words that did not match his status. The hypocrite had taken off the mask. Now, he was like a devil from hell who just peeled off his human skin disguise.
It was a party of ferocious demons.
The surrounding disciples of Cold River City roared with hideous laughter. Then, they all rushed forward.
That was the most beautiful woman in the Devil Cult.
Even on the entire Bitter Star, she could be considered a famous beauty.
Many men had long since been eager to see her body but couldn’t get a chance. Now, the fairy was falling into the mortal world to be humiliated like this. That thought alone made them excited.
In this world, most of the time, grinding the purity and tarnishing the holiness was undoubtedly one of the dark sides that made people have an adrenaline high.
A sneer of contempt climbed to the corner of Ye Wuhen’s lips.
Sure enough, the shamelessness of the Decent Alliance was blatantly shown.
Ye Wuhen propped against her broadsword, knowing that she had no way to escape.
Before leaving White Emperor City, she actually foresaw that something like this might happen. Nevertheless, it still became the reality. She was like a moth flying to a flame for the light. She obstinately insisted on the rescue mission and even chose to disregard her grandmother’s objection. Was she really just to want to return a favor?
“A life for a life.
“Sadly, though you saved my life by the cold lake in the deep valley that day, now I can’t even take another glimpse of you as I’m a thousand meters away from the Desktop Peak.
“Even so, please believe me, I’ve done everything I can.
“That black monkey, that cheeky guy… I hope you can get out of trouble in the end.”
“Grandma, I’m sorry.
“Mom and Dad, I’m going to keep you company.”
She suddenly stood up and shoved the machete in her hand at her face.
The filth of the world was flooding toward her, and the last thing that could defend her dignity was to cut off her face with the broadsword in her hand. This way, the reputation of the Divine Sect and the Moon Dao Sect would not be smeared because of a naked woman.
But right at this moment…
A broadsword light tore through the air.
The sky was ripped apart.
Among those being ripped up was the fierce encircling team of the experts of Cold River City.
At the critical moment, a warm hand seized the Moon-scrubbing Broadsword, which had been cut into the skin on her forehead.
“Sorry, I’m late.”
A familiar voice rang.
Ye Wuhen looked up in disbelief.
A familiar face appeared in her vision blurred by blood.
“You…” She opened her mouth, but not knowing what to say.
Even in the face of a swarm of cruel enemies, she had not let fear shudder her will. But now, she suddenly became a little panic. “How could he appear at this time? How could he turn up here? He… saw me in such a sorry state.”
“You…” Li Mu also wanted to say something. But when the words slid to the tip of his tongue, he suddenly lost his voice. So, in the end, he could only say one word, “Silly!”
Ye Wuhen pursed her lips stubbornly. She snorted and said no more.
At this time, the sound of pelting broadsword light was heard from the void, tearing the eardrums of countless people. A dark rift appeared in the void, which took a long time to fade away. That proved how fast Li Mu had rushed here. If he were late for a second, Ye Wuhen might have already ruined her face.
“Lend me your broadsword.”
Li Mu then held the Moon-scrubbing Broadsword in his right hand.
The cut on his palm left by the blade instantly healed.
He took out a treasured coat and wrapped it around the gravely injured Ye Wuhen, whose clothes had been torn into pieces. He then combed Ye Wuhen’s long green hair, which was dripping with blood. After that, he pulled her into his embrace with his left hand.
A red blush instantly appeared on Ye Wuhen’s face as if it was burning. Luckily, her face was bloodstained, so the blush was not that obvious. She struggled for once, but the arm around her waist was too strong and overbearing. In the end, she had to let Li Mu do what he wanted.
The experts of Cold River City closed in on them.
“Leave, now!” Ye Wuhen hissed.
Li Mu smiled and said, “Leave? Who said I’m leaving?”
Ye Wuhen was stunned.
Then, she heard Li Mu say, “Just watch me take revenge for you.”
The next moment, with the help of the Somersault Cloud, Li Mu moved as fast as light and burst in and out of the encirclement formed by the disciples of Cold River City in a trice.
In the depths of his eyes, there were flames rising, as if the magma under the ground had accumulated enough energy and would break through the earth’s crust and jet out vigorously. The Moon-scrubbing Broadsword in his hand hacked out, cutting up the dark clouds all over the sky.
The moonlight poured down like a waterfall and merged with the broadsword light.
This eccentric light streaked past, as if it was the most magnificent scenery in the world.
The head of Qu Yi, Lord of Cold River City, was tossed to the air.
Ye Wuhen’s eyes widened with disbelief.
As the blood mist swirled, Qu Yi’s head and body quickly rejoined each other. With a look of horror on his face, Qu Yi turned around and fled in the direction of the Desktop Peak. At this time, the heads of the nine major sects were having a meeting at the Desktop Peak. As long as he flew to that peak, he would be safe.