The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 146 - State Preceptor’s Tricks IV

Chapter 146: State Preceptor’s Tricks IV
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What did the princess mean?
Did she give up on Yuchen?
Or… as Shuangshuang believed, she was just pretending like she did not care?
“Princess, Yuchen and Shuangshuang are a match made in heaven, but I wish that Your Highness wouldn’t bully Shuangshuang. She is a nice and gentle lady. She can’t endure being pursued by anyone.”
Lady Liu’s temper flared up a bit. If Feng Ruqing were not of royal descent, did she think that she could be a part of the chancellor’s family?
Although her status was that of royalty, the only daughter-in-law that she would accept was none other than Tan Shuangshuang.
“Pursue Tan Shuangshuang?”
Feng Ruqing let out a loud laugh.
“Lady Liu, you’re thinking too much. I’m not even a man, why would I pursue her? In fact, even if I were a man, the two palace maids in my manor are both very pretty. Why would I pursue Tan Shuangshuang instead of the two of them?”
Lady Liu was stunned.
What kind of statement was that? Why would only guys pursue Tan Shuangshuang?
As a matter of fact, Tan Shuangshuang did not fully understand the first part statement. All she heard was the last sentence, which made her eyes blaze with fury as she clenched her fist.
This woman… dared to compare her to two palace maids? And even more insulting was that these two palace maids were prettier than her?
In terms of beauty, she, Tan Shuangshuang was Liu Yun Kingdom’s number one. How could two simple palace maids compare to her stunning beauty?
“Of course…”
Feng Ruqing slowly took two steps toward Lady Liu and said with a smile, “If Tan Shuangshuang gets injured, the first person you’ll have to interrogate would be your good son. Ask him how much energy and effort did he put in at night in order to injure Tan Shuangshuang?”
She intentionally emphasized on the word energy 1 .
This time, Lady Liu finally understood her meaning. Her face reddened from anger.
“Princess! You’re accusing people! Throwing filth at Shuangshuang’s good name!”
Regardless of the situation, when a woman loses her purity before marriage, it was an embarrassing matter.
Therefore, Feng Ruqing insulting the purity of an innocent girl in public, was definitely vilification at its worst.
Feng Ruqing laughed.
“A vile girl with no proper background, walking in and out of a man’s manor, claims that she’s pure? Who would believe that?”
The entire spirit herb stores crowd was stunned.
Although Feng Ruqing was widely famous for being evil, she was indeed once married to Liu Yuchen. As for Tan Shuangshuang, although she was famous for being beautiful, she was indeed a bachelorette. If she had visited a man’s manor that often, it would definitely ruin her reputation.
Seeing the judgmental stares from the people around, Tan Shuangshuang’s face turned pale, and her tears began to flow down her cheeks.
“Aunty Liu, Yu Chen and I are indeed innocent. We are definitely innocent…”
She silently cried, her eyes were filled with bewilderment.
“Feng Ruqing!!!”
A loud angry voice rang from behind.
Before Feng Ruqing could even react, a strong impact came pushing from the back, she lost her balance and fell forward.
Qin Chen’s eye caught a glance of the commotion, reached out his hand and pulled Feng Ruqing close to him. He coldly stared at the man who pushed forth and ran toward Tan Shuangshuang…
The man’s face was filled with panic and he helplessly looked at Tan Shuangshuang’s teary face. His anger boiled as he slowly turned around. His eyes were filled with rage.
“Feng Ruqing, I thought you’ve changed. I was just about to change my perception toward you. I really didn’t think that you would still be the same old Feng Ruqing. Just as I wasn’t around, you start to bully Tan Shuangshuang? Have you no heart?”