The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 150 - The State Preceptor’s Vicious Tongue I

Chapter 150: The State Preceptor’s Vicious Tongue I
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Feng Ruqing was obsessed with Liu Yuchen before so much so that the people in the Liu family had forgotten her status and power as a princess.
Liu Yuchen had allowed himself to expect the worst. Now, after he had heard what Feng Ruqing had said, his heart quickly turned cold.
“Princess, my mother is old, and she cannot endure such punishment. Shuang’er is weak, and she too cannot endure such punishment. Please forgive them. I’ll be responsible for all the mistakes.”
Feng Ruqing stroked her chin and smiled lightly. “Liu Yuchen, I never thought that you’re such a filial son and a loyal lover. That’s good, and I’ll grant your wish. But, you can only choose one person between your mother and Tan Shuangshuang. You can only endure the punishment for your mother or Tan Shuangshuang. I’ll see who you’ll choose.”
The previous princess had done so many wrongs. She had even separated a pair of lovers. Feng Ruqing could not simply stand by and do nothing.
But, Feng Ruqing never thought that she would still be in contact with Liu Yuchen after she came to Liu Yun Kingdom. But, these people just would not leave her alone.
Tan Shuangshuang was stunned. She immediately looked at Liu Yuchen anxiously. She bit her lip, and there was both tension and eagerness in her eyes.
Yuchen had always said that he loved Tan Shuangshuang deeply. He had always promised that he would protect her. He would definitely think of her first this time, wouldn’t he?
There was pin-drop silence in the spirit herbs shop.
Liu Yuchen did not utter a word for a long time.
There was tension in the shop.
‘There’s my mother and my lover. How could I… decide?”
‘I can’t!’
“If you can’t decide, I’ll decide for you.” Feng Ruqing smiled brightly. “You love Tan Shuangshuang deeply. You wouldn’t want her to be hurt. Come! Take Lady Liu out and give her a hundred whippings!”
Lady Liu was nervous now. She held Liu Yuchen’s sleeve tightly. There were even tears in her eyes. “Yuchen, don’t let the princess punish me. I will be dead. You must save me! I can’t take a hundred whippings.”
Liu Yuchen did not say anything.
His handsome face paled. His lips were trembling. He clenched his fists tightly.
The shopkeeper of the spirit herbs shop took Feng Ruqing’s order and called somebody to take Lady Liu out.
Lady Liu held tightly onto Yuchen’s sleeve. She cried hysterically and refused to let go.
Tan Shuangshuang sighed in relief after seeing that Liu Yuchen did not respond to Lady Liu.
‘Yuchen chooses me at last no matter what, doesn’t he?’
‘I’m the most important person to Yuchen. No one can compete with that, not even… his mother.’
Tan Shuangshuang lowered her eyes. There was a faint smile playing on her lips.
Tan Shuangshuang had treated Lady Liu nicely all this while because she had loved Liu Yuchen deeply. But, she was also the daughter of a grand tutor. Her status was not any lesser than Liu Yuchen’s status. She did not have to endure a hundred whippings just for the sake of pleasing Lady Liu.
Liu Yuchen opened his mouth after seeing that Lady Liu was being brought toward the door. He closed his eyes softly.
There were great sufferings and pain on his face.
“I’ll endure a hundred whippings for my mother.”
Tan Shuangshuang’s beautiful face turned pale at that moment. Her eyes widened as she turned to look at Liu Yuchen. There was deep grief in her eyes.
“Shuangshuang, I’m sorry.” Liu Yuchen opened his eyes. He gazed at Tan Shuangshuang guiltily. His voice was trembling. “My mother is weaker than you. She will be dead if she’s whipped a hundred times. I can’t… let her die . 1