The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 152 - The State Preceptor’s Vicious Tongue III

Chapter 152: The State Preceptor’s Vicious Tongue III
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All Liu Yuchen’s anger was suppressed when he saw that Yuchen had been looking at him. He sneered and said, “Then, I’ll wish that you can find someone like that.”
“There’s no need for your wishes.”
Suddenly, a cold and calm voice came from outside of the spirit herbs shop.
The voice was beautiful; it was like the voice of an angel. It also sounded like a melodious sound of a musical instrument.
“It’s because… she has found him.”
Liu Yuchen was stunned for a while. Then, he looked toward the door. His eyes suddenly narrowed, and there was disbelief in his eyes at that moment.
‘Nan Xian… The state preceptor? Why is he here?’
He was so handsome that he looked like a god from heaven. There was a tinge of aloofness and arrogance in his presence. It was like he was a forgotten god . 1
Liu Yuchen was called the most handsome man in Liu Yun Kingdom. But, he was nothing if he was compared to this man in front of him.
No one had recovered their senses, and they soon saw that Feng Ruqing had rushed toward the state preceptor. It was like a hungry wolf rushing toward its food. Feng Ruqing’s plump body was being thrown on the handsome man, and he held her in a hug.
Both Liu Yuchen and Tan Shuangshuang were shocked.
The others might not recognize the state preceptor. But, both Liu Yuchen and Tan Shuangshuang knew his identity and status because they had always gone in and out of the palace for business.
‘Even the second princess, Feng Rushuang, was not this close with the state preceptor. Why didn’t the state preceptor throw her out after being treated like this?’
Tan Shuangshuang bit down on her lip hard. She looked at the handsome man in front of her and turned to look at Liu Yuchen, who was cast into the shade. She even felt a tinge of shame.
“State preceptor, you said that you’ll leave for only a month. Why did you leave for so long?”
The young girl’s eyes were crystal clear. They seemed like they were just washed by clear water. Her crystal clear eyes could not take in any more people now. She had eyes only for the state preceptor.
Liu Yuchen looked at Feng Ruqing in shock.
Liu Yuchen had never seen Feng Ruqing with those eyes before even when she came after him that time.
They were clear and innocent.
It seemed like her eyes were only meant for that person.
“I was held back for a few days by some business.” Nan Xian lowered his eyes. He used his long fingers to stroke the princess’s hair. His voice was gentle and loving. “So, I’ve come back later than I’m supposed to. Qing’er, do you blame me?”
Feng Ruqing blinked. Why did she feel that the state preceptor was so gentle and loving today?
The state preceptor held out his hands and hugged Feng Ruqing again when Feng Ruqing was in doubt. His lip was near Feng Ruqing’s ear now. He used a soft voice which could only be heard by the two of them.
“I’ll help you to get rid of him for good. It’ll be a reward for you because you made a breakthrough to Earth Warrior tier . 1
The distance between the two people was short. It was like his lip was on her cheek from the back. There was an indescribable atmosphere between the two of them.
Liu Yuchen’s heart felt like it was being squeezed right now. He hated Feng Ruqing so much. But, now that he saw her being this intimate with another man, he could not help but feel like his heart was being punched in. It was an oppressive feeling.
Feng Ruqing was not bothered by the others’ reactions. She smiled slightly. “How are you going to help me get rid of them?”
There was a coldness in Nan Xian’s eyes. He immediately held the princess up by the waist.
Feng Ruqing was shocked as she held onto Nan Xian’s collar. “State preceptor, quickly put me down. I’m very heavy. You’ll be crushed under my weight.”