The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 155 - The Infuriated Princess II

Chapter 155: The Infuriated Princess II
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Loyalty and filial piety could never be catered to at the same time. It was the same with one’s mother and lover.
So, Liu Yuchen decided to… give Tan Shuangshuang up in the end.
The man released his tightly clenched hands and sat down on the floor weakly. He just sat with his back to Tan Shuangshuang. He never even looked at her once up until now.
In the end, he had still let her down.
‘I’m sorry.’
Tan Shuangshuang looked at Liu Yuchen blankly. Liu Yuchen did not make any response. She was not crying anymore now. She just let other people drag her down.
There was helplessness and despair in her heart now.
The look she gave Liu Yuchen was of grief and despair.
“Feng Ruqing, are you satisfied now?”
After a while, Liu Yuchen sneered and stood up. His face was pale, and there was a scornful sneer on his face. “Now, Shuang’er has a deep misunderstanding toward me just like you hope for. I have even thought that you’ve changed.”
He even thought that he could marry the princess and bring her home if she was not that wicked and evil provided that she did not make any more trouble.
The princess now was no longer the woman that he knew before.
“Chen’er, throw him out! I don’t want him standing there. It’s disgusting.”
Liu Yuchen smiled coldly. “You don’t have to throw me out. I’ll leave myself. I’ll give you one advice. Even if you’re the princess of Liu Yun Kingdom, all the ministers of Liu Yun Kingdom have long been dissatisfied with you for a long time. Now, you are treating Shuangshuang like this. Have you never considered the consequences to His Majesty?”
“I, Feng Ruqing, can endure any consequences!”
It was impossible to wrong Feng Ruqing.
She was willing to let the others think badly of her rather than being treated unfairly.
Nan Xian smiled faintly.
His smile was so soft that it was almost indiscernible.
“Qing’er, you can just go ahead with what you want to do. Nobody can stop you in this world. You don’t have to be scared.”
The voice of the man was loud and clear. It was stamped hard on Feng Ruqing’s heart.
There was a flutter in Feng Ruqing’s heart.
She knew that all the words said by the state preceptor were meant for Liu Yuchen. But, his voice was so melodious and gentle that she could not help but feel touched by it.
Liu Yuchen glanced at Feng Ruqing and Nan Xian coldly. He clenched his fists tightly. Finally, he left without looking back.
He did not realize that Nan Xian had turned and looked at him as he was leaving the scene.
Nan Xian’s calm eyes were filled with a mix of light irony and coldness.
At that moment, the shopkeeper of the spirit herbs shop went and called for Elder Ling.
Elder Ling looked at the token first then he turned his respectful eyes upon Feng Ruqing. “Princess, you are here at Paramount today. Do you need anything?”
“I want you to look for a few spirit herbs for me.”
Feng Ruqing held out her hand and handed a prescription of spirit herbs to Elder Ling.
“Elder Ling, please collect these spirit herbs for me.”
Elder Ling was shocked. He took the prescription, and was silent for a while. “These spirit herbs are Grade-3 spirit herbs. Paramount does have those. But, this wisteria vine… It’s a little difficult.”
Feng Ruqing could clearly feel Fu Chen’s excitement, who was in the medium, after hearing about the Grade-3 spirit herbs. It seemed that Fu Chen had almost lost control.