The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 156 - The Infuriated Princess III

Chapter 156: The Infuriated Princess III
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Feng Ruqing ignored him and asked, “How long will it take for you to get the wisteria vine?”
“Wisteria vine grows in harsh conditions, and it takes at least two to three months to get them. But don’t worry princess, you have our Paramount Token, I’ll find it for you no matter what.”
“Okay,” Feng Ruqing muttered before saying, “Bring me the other spirit herbs first.”
“Please wait for a moment, Princess. I’ll go get it right now.”
Feng Ruqing had beaten Tan Shuangshuang up in the spirit herbs shop. It took only a while before the news spread like wildfire.
At the same time, the imperial court was in total chaos.
Feng Tianyu looked down at the mad Tan Lin while rubbing the temples of his aching head. “Grand Tutor Tan, I believe there’s a reason why Qing’er beat Tan Shuangshuang in public.”
Grand Tutor Tan turned livid with rage. “Your Majesty, what the princess has done throughout all these years is well known, is there anything that she can’t do? That day, she had already whipped Shuang’er until she was black and blue, and now she has ordered someone to give her three hundred strokes!”
“It’s three hundred strokes, not thirty strokes! My daughter’s weak, how can she bear with this kind of torture?” Tan Lin wept bitterly. He couldn’t help feeling sorry for his daughter.
He hated Feng Ruqing’s cruelty and also Liu Yuchen for not being able to protect his daughter, allowing his daughter to suffer such agony!
Feng Tianyu frowned and scolded, “Grand Tutor Tan, why then did I hear that it was Tan Shuangshuang who provoked Qing’er first?”
“This is sheer nonsense!” Tan Lin was enraged and retorted, “How can I not know my daughter Shuang’er? She’s gentle, kind, and has never started a quarrel. It’s always Princess who would not let go of her! The princess has even chased her into Paramount spirit herbs shop to beat her up. Your Majesty, if you still refuse to punish the princess, it will certainly disappoint us, the people and the world!”
Feng Tianyu sunk into deep thought. All of a sudden, he thumped the table angrily with his palm and scolded, “How dare you, Tan Lin, criticize Qing’er! No matter what Qing’er has done, it’s none of anyone’s business!”
Although Feng Tianyu was already in a great rage, Tan Lin seemed to have consumed leopard bile to be so emboldened or perhaps her was really frustrated as he simply stood his ground and said coldly, “Your Majesty is once again pampering her even though she’s bullying my daughter, or is Your Majesty really hoping for everyone to feel disappointed? ”
As Tan Lin stood up, another civilian court officer came forth from among the public, pumped his fist and said, “Your Majesty, the princess has already gone too far. I beg Your Majesty to punish the princess severely as a warning to others.”
“When the prince violates the law, the crime he commits is the same as that of the common people, so does a princess. The princess’s deeds have been overwhelming. If Your Majesty does not want to punish the princess, we will resign and return to our homeland, as our children and we could refrain ourselves from worrying about being beaten to death by the princess.”
“I second that.”
“I second that as well.”

Looking at those officers coming forth one by one, Tan Lin’s lip seemed to lift into a vague smirk.
As an emperor, Feng Ruqing should be considerate of his people. If he were to lose that many officers, Liu Yun Kingdom… would be an empty shell eventually.
Since he could not pressure the emperor alone, pressuring him with these people would surely work better; it didn’t matter if he was the emperor.
Unless he was willing to give up the whole world for the princess.
“Grand Tutor Tan.” Censor Lin frowned, stood up and said, “I believe that the princess is not the old princess anymore, there’s a reason why she’s doing this now. We should look deeper into this before jumping to any conclusions.”