The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 157 - The Infuriated Princess IV

Chapter 157: The Infuriated Princess IV
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Tan Lin’s face turned stiff as he stared at Censor Lin angrily.
Censor Lin’s daughter, Lin Yueying, was a victim of Feng Ruqing’s bullying as well. Had the sun risen in the west now as Censor Lin had stood up to defend her?
“I agree with Censor Lin,” said Inspector General Mu, coldly, as he too stepped out of his line and glanced at Tan Lin.
Qing’er had told him before that it was the princess who had provided the scar-fading herbal cuisine.
If the princess possessed such ability and had changed, they might as well put the past behind them so that Liu Yun Kingdom would not lose a genius.
“Your Majesty… ” as Nalan Zhangqian was trying to remember all the people who had agreed with Tan Lin, he stepped out of his line and sneered, “These are all useless civil servants. If they wish to leave, let them pack their blankets and scram. Our Liu Yun Kingdom does not need such incompetent people!”
“General Nalan!” Tan Lin’s face turned blue as he said, “Liu Yun Kingdom has no empress right now, and the Nalan family has lost Nalan Yan, how does Your Majesty still manage to hold up the whole Liu Yun Kingdom? Do you think Your Majesty can deal with your enemy without our advice when they come and Your Majesty is not strong enough? ”
This world worshiped the military. Also, the person who contributed the ideas played a vital role.
Liu Yun Kingdom had Empress Nalan in the past where the kingdom feared no other powerful country.
Now that Nalan Yan had passed away, and the old general was not in good condition, leaving only Nalan Zhangqian, what could he do?
The palace.
Outside the Southern Bamboo Grove.
Nan Xian stopped and turned around. Just like the gentleness of moonlight, his eyes calmly fell upon the girl in front.
“Princess, would you come with me and take a seat inside?”
Feng Ruqing really wanted to be with Nan Xian, but she rarely had a chance to visit the palace. So it was obvious that she wanted to visit her father.
Therefore, she shook her head and said, “State preceptor, I can only send you this far. I’ll come back to you soon.”
It was apparent that this girl had insisted to follow him back to the Southern Bamboo Grove, now… it had appeared that Feng Ruqing was only sending him back to the Southern Bamboo Grove?
However, Nan Xian did not intend to blow her cover. He raised his hands and caressed Feng Ruqing’s head. “Just now at Paramount, what I had said to Liu Yuchen was not deliberate, it was all true.”
Feng Ruqing blinked, dumbfounded, as she did not get what Nan Xian was trying to say.
It was not until when Nan Xian turned himself around that she suddenly realized that the crescent-colored robe had vanished from her view.
He said there was nothing in this world that could ever stop her. He would let her do as she wished.
Such a sentence was not only intended to provoke Liu Yuchen, but he also… meant it?
Feng Ruqing felt warm inside, and it felt good to be protected by someone…
As Feng Ruqing turned around, a figure staggered forward and nearly fell in front of Feng Ruqing.
Feng Ruqing took a few steps back in surprise. She could now clearly see the eunuch who had rushed forward.
“Eunuch Liu, why are you so flustered?”
Eunuch Liu seemed anxious. “Princess, something terrible’s happening, everyone knows that you have beaten Tan Shuangshuang up, and Tan Lin is putting His Majesty in a conflict with a lot of officers, forcing His Majesty to punish you.”
Feng Ruqing’s face was immediately filled with blazing fury. “Eunuch Liu, I need to ask you for a favor!”
“Ah? What about you, Princess?”
“I will first go to Tang Zi! Go to the princess’s manor and let the snow wolf bring all the spirit beasts to me! I’ll make him regret not bringing his medicine along when he humiliates my father!”