The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 159 - Astounding the Imperial Court II

Chapter 159: Astounding the Imperial Court II

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“Nalan Zhangqian, shut up!” Tan Lin roared, “The princess must give me an explanation today or else we will resign and return to our home village, and let’s see who’s gonna manage the state affairs!”
Feng Tianyu stared at Tan Lin and the other officers coldly. He balled his fists tightly, blue veins appeared on his temples as he was breathing heavily.
His throat started to feel a little weird as a bloody breath was pumped out of his throat, urging him to spit it out to feel better.
But he held it back.
This is the imperial court, and he must not let anyone find out he was not in good condition. Ever!
” Enou— 1 ” Feng Tianyu was enraged as he could not stand it anymore.
At that moment, a familiar and crisp voice echoed into the court. Suddenly, peace was restored to the imperial court.
“Who was the one who insisted for an explanation from me just now?”

In the quiet imperial court, all the officers turned around and looked toward the court’s door, their eyes searched for something—a girl standing in the morning light.
The girl seemed to be sneering as millions of women dressed in cyan robes stood behind her. The officers were surrounded by the women in the blink of an eye. They stood next to the officers as if they were the mountain gods.
“Is this… the Iron-Blooded army?”
The servants trembled.
Wasn’t the princess already on bad terms with the Iron-Blooded army? How could… she still command the people of the Iron-Blooded army?
Tan Lin’s mood got worse as he glanced at Tang Zi and the others. His eyes were full of disdain.
Look at all this nonsense. The Iron-Blooded army was still helping Feng Ruqing regardless of how she had treated them in the past. If Tan Lin were them, he would definitely coerce Feng Tianyu to punish Feng Ruqing with Tan Lin himself. It was a hundred times better to uphold Feng Rushuang than to support this crap.
But this was not the end yet…
As the Iron-Blooded army entered the imperial court. A wolf’s howl shook the world and started to scare everyone inside.
How could there be a wolf… inside the palace?
“People… people look! Not only is there a wolf, but also an earth bear! That’s a Tier-3 spirit beast!”
A gentle courtier went weak at his knees as he saw the spirit beasts rushing forward. He trembled and quickly said, “General Nalan, you’re the military general. Why are you still not stopping them?”
Nalan Zhangqian coldly replied, “I thought you guys were mocking us that we could only solve the problem by force? Why don’t you guys wave the white flag to the beasts by relying on your wisdom?”
The officials turned pale.
Those were spirit beasts! They were inhuman beasts! Any tricks played on them were just like a playhouse, how could it be useful?
Unfortunately, at this time, Nalan Zhangqian did not look at them, nor did he stop the troop of spirit beasts, letting those spirit beasts break through the threshold and rush in…
But soon… Everyone noticed that the spirit beasts were followed by a… eunuch?
“Eunuch Lin?” Tan Lin was stunned. “Why are you holding a candle to the devil? Are you demanding for an abdication?”
Eunuch Liu’s face turned blue immediately.
He was frightened enough after he had gone to the princess’s manor. How dare Tan Lin framed him now in such a manner.
“Grand Tutor Tan, what do you mean? As a eunuch, I have no posterity and why should I stage a coup? I brought these spirit beasts along because the princess asked me to do so. As for what purpose, you better ask the princess.”