The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 160 - Astounding the Imperial Court III

Chapter 160: Astounding the Imperial Court III
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God knows why he prepared the carriage to pick up these spirit beasts. He thought that the princess would raise the spirit beasts in the cage. How could anyone have known that… these spirit beasts were roaming around freely.
He was surrounded by the beasts as soon as he entered the princess’s manor. If it were not for Liu Li, that servant, the spirit beasts would have scared his pants off even though he would not be eaten.
On top of that, he saw… the purple sable was using its tail to clean the courtyard?
Oh, and that four-armed ape was using a spatula to call on the other spirit beats to get their meal…
Has anyone ever seen a spirit beast cleaning the courtyard?
Has anyone ever seen a spirit beast that… was capable of cooking?
But he saw everything that day! He still could not recover himself from shock even until now…
“Your Highness, what do you mean?” Tan Lin had finally recovered from the astonishment as he turned to Feng Ruqing and asked angrily.
He had long since heard that Feng Ruqing had brought along a horde of spirit beasts when she had returned. But words are wind because seeing is believing. He finally believed in those rumors as now he got to see with his own eyes.
Feng Ruqing winked at the snow wolf.
The snow wolf understood what Feng Ruqing’s wink meant and asked the four-armed ape to bring along the chair that it had prepared earlier. The four-armed ape put the chair behind Feng Ruqing.
Feng Ruqing caressed her long sleeves and gently got into the seat. She leaned her body on the back of the chair while a grin played at the corners of her lips.
“I thought you were looking for me? I’m here now. Say it out loud if you have anything to say, but you do not have to take advantage of my father.”
Her hands were on her cheeks. She was not as angry as she was at the beginning, but she glared at Tan Lin arrogantly and coldly.
Tan Lin was pale. He was sure that Feng Ruqing did not dare to lay a finger on him and so he asked with a sneer, “Your Highness, what has Shuang’er done to make you punish her in such way?”
“Of course she did something wrong. I was going to shop at the spirit herbs shop on my own, but she framed me saying that I was giving her trouble. Father, don’t you think that she should be punished for framing me?”
Feng Tianyu glanced at Tan Lin and said, “Qing’er is the kingdom’s princess. If someone had framed her, it is no difference disrespecting the hierarchy and law. It’s right to punish someone like that! Qing’er has done nothing wrong.”
Tan Lin held his breath for a moment, clenched his jaw and said, “Her Highness’s words don’t carry conviction. How does Your Majesty know that it’s not Her Highness who first stirred up trouble?”
Feng Ruqing suddenly laughed.
“You may visit Paramount and ask if it was her or I who first caused the trouble. Besides, the state preceptor was present as well. Ask him if you are skeptical about it.”
Tan Lin was terribly shocked.
The state preceptor was at the spirit herbs shop as well? Why had no one mentioned this to him in the first place?
“Even so, you should not give her three hundred strokes!” Tan Lin clenched his teeth and continued.
Feng Ruqing burst out laughing.
“First of all, she has framed me. It means that the reputation of Liu Yun Kingdom has been affected and I think three hundred strokes is reasonable. Secondly, I’m innately kind, and I couldn’t bear to leave her with three hundred strokes. However, it is sad to tell you that Lady Liu and Liu Yuchen were present as well, but how could they be rude to me? So, each of them got a hundred strokes. Tan Shuangshuang loves Liu Yuchen too much as she insisted on receiving the punishment for them, what could I do? ”
Tan Lin was shocked again.
He subconsciously turned to look at where Chancellor Liu was standing.
It was not a big deal for Chancellor Liu to stay quiet when the people were coercing the emperor just now. However, he could have never imagined, how Shuang’er had received those three hundred strokes…