The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 161 - Astounding the Imperial Court IV

Chapter 161: Astounding the Imperial Court IV

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As a man, Liu Yuchen had actually made a girl suffer on his behalf?
What gave him the right to do so?
“Chancellor Liu!” Tan Lin was incredibly outraged and so he asked, “Don’t you owe me an explanation?”
Chancellor Liu shrugged and replied helplessly, “You heard what the princess said. I can do nothing as she did it on her own accord.”
“You…” Tan Lin trembled and pointed at Chancellor Liu furiously. He could hardly say a word.
Feng Ruqing put her palm to her cheek and gave Tan Lin a scornful look. “If you guys want to deal with this, deal it later. It’s my turn to ask questions now.”
“What?” Tan Lin was stunned and did not understand what Feng Ruqing was trying to say.
Feng Ruqing repositioned herself on the chair gently and asked defiantly, “Grand Tutor Tan, did you… bring your medicine along today?”
Tan Lin held back his anger and replied, “Please cut to the chase, Your Highness. Don’t beat around the bush.”
“Oh, it’s nothing actually. If you didn’t bring it along, I would call the imperial doctor to prepare some herbs as Tang Zi might beat him to death. We should keep you alive anyway, after all, this here is the imperial court. I don’t expect a bloody palace as this might put great public pressure on Father.”
Tan Lin got angrier. Did the princess really want to punish him in public?
Feng Ruqing turned and winked at Tang Zi. “Quickly, drag him down and strike him till he’s dead! Of course, you don’t really want him to be dead, it’s fine to cripple him but if he’s dead… it will be awful as this will bring a negative impact to my father.”
“Yes, Master.”
Tang Zi smiled.
When the empress was still alive, the civil officers had pissed her off as she had risked all the dangers with her army. These bastards were useless as they knew nothing but talk nonsense behind her. They even lured the emperor into doting on other concubines.
If it were not the deep love of the emperor toward the empress by resisting all the pressures, the princess would have had a lot of siblings by now.
With support from the princess, she felt extra comfortable as she could finally fulfill her past grudge.
“Your Highness, what are you doing? All of you let me go!” Tan Lin’s arms were grabbed, and he was dragged out of the court. He turned his head back and screamed, “Your Majesty, you can’t indulge the princess in doing this. At least my efforts deserve credit after all those years of serving at the palace. You can’t do this to me!”
As ministers, they were all spoiled and overprotected at the court. Even if they were capable of doing something, they became physically fragile because they were not gaining any robust experience. How could they bear with the stroke?
He knew the Iron-Blooded’s temper well. Even if he could survive, it would leave him in pain for months.
Feng Ruqing did not spare a second look at Tan Lin. She simply glanced toward the other ministers.
“I think I heard that all of you want to resign and go back to your hometown, right? Since all of you miss your hometown, my father will not shove something down your throat as it can be very inhumane. Please speak out if you wish to resign and I will be in charge and allow you to return to your hometown!”
The ministers’ faces were frozen.
All they wanted to do was just to just put a little pressure on the emperor. The official position was not easy to obtain, how could the ministers really resign? They were just simply saying it.
“Your Highness, we were… just kidding. Yes, it’s just a joke,” The minister that supported Tan Lin just now forced a laugh and answered.
Feng Ruqing shook and replied, “No, I can’t stop you if you want to return to your hometown. Besides, Liu Yun Kingdom is full of talent. The worst would be having my uncle to work a little more as he will help Father assign new people.”
“No, no, no, Your Highness. There’s no need to trouble Master Nalan. Master Nalan has a lot of things to be busy with. How can we bother him with these little things?”
The minister forced a smile and wiped the sweat from his forehead.