The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 162 - Feng Tianyu Spat Blood I

Chapter 162: Feng Tianyu Spat Blood I
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“Minister Li, there is no war in Liu Yun Kingdom now. And I am barely busy with anything. Furthermore, if we’re in a real need to declare war, I can also let Jing’er go instead of me. Therefore… I have plenty of time to recruit new talents.”
Master Nalan gave a brittle laugh.
The ministers were helping Tan Lin to coerce the emperor just now, but now? Seeing that Tan Lin was dragged out, now everyone was frightened? If they were ambitious enough, why didn’t they resign as nobody was in their way?
Minister Li’s expression turned stiff. He could not fake his smile anymore as his lips suddenly started to twitch.
Now, all the ministers realized that this Feng Ruqing… was not the old dumb princess anymore!
“Your Majesty… ” Minister Li turned and kneeled. He wept bitterly, “Tan Lin threatened us to side him in the imperial court. I did not dare to disobey Grand Tutor Tan, and Your Majesty, I beg for your mercy.”
Feng Tianyu stood up from his throne, and he felt a pain in his chest as if something was burning.
“You dare not disobey Tan Lin but you dare to coerce me!” He smiled coldly. “Announce my decree, Tan Lin has openly framed the princess and has brought along people to stage a coup. Put him in jail and wait for the trial.”
A coup?
All the ministers were stumped.
Tan Lin had just wanted the emperor to punish the princess. How could it turn out to be a coup?
“As for the others…” Feng Tianyu scanned through the crowd in the court and raised his voice. “Since you have responded that these military generals are useless, then I will need you guys to guard the frontier for half a year. During this half-year, I will get someone to replace your positions. When you return, it is your ability that decides if you’re still capable of being in this position. In the future, all the minister positions will be assigned to those who are capable of it.”
All these ministers were too spoiled to live at the frontier. Not to mention half a year, even staying there for only a month could be devastating to them.
“Please spare us, Your Majesty.”
With tears in their eyes, the minissters fell to their knees one by one. The could not let go of the luxurious life in the palace and leave to live and guard in a barren place.
“It seems that you are unwilling to do so. Fine, please announce my decree, put them in jail and we will deal with them again someday!” Feng Tianyu waved and said as it was of no concern to him.
“…We… will follow your order, Your Majesty, we will go to the frontier…”
They could still keep their positions by obeying the emperor. If it were to be in jail, they could never get their jobs back…
“Since all my lovely ministers have agreed with me, let’s end the morning court.” Feng Tianyu looked disapprovingly at the ministers and continued, “Master Nalan and Qing’er stay.”
“As Your Majesty’s wish!”
The officials left the imperial court sorrowfully.
Those who were tempted by Tan Lin felt a strong resentment inside. They wanted to tear that bastard into pieces.
If it were not for him, they would not have to suffer at the frontier.
“Chancellor Liu… ” Outside the courtyard, Minister Li glanced at the delighted Chancellor Liu and said bitterly, “Liu Yuchen and Tan Shuangshuang seem to be close as they are constantly together. I would never have expected that Liu Yuchen is just like you, timid and afraid of things, what a coward!”
Chancellor Liu was sitting on the fence by staying out of the affairs at first, so he had received no punishment until that day.
Well, Tan Lin nearly became his in-law…