The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 1620 - Tian Ya’s Rage IV

Chapter 1620: Tian Ya’s Rage IV
This powerful energy… Instantly made Tian Ya’s face darkened.
“Liu Yi, that bastard!”
At first, he had agreed to help that soul, but he was lazy by nature, and Feng Lianqing was lazier than him. They did not want to find any dead body for that soul, so in the end, Tian Ya had decided to leave this task to Liu Yi.
But he did not expect that it had been a few years, and this bastard Liu Yi still had not found a suitable body for that soul.
If Tian Ya had not promised that soul, he would have long not wanted to bother with this worrying matter.
But he had ordered Liu Yi to bring the soul far from Wu Shang City once he had found a dead body so that the soul would not injure any innocent people here.
The fucking bastard dared to call that soul out when they were still in the city!
“Tian Ya…” The white-robed old man stepped in front of Tian Ya. He looked wretched but still maintained his arrogant look. “Even though you have made a breakthrough to Intermediate King Warrior tier, it’s still a bit difficult to kill the four of us. But if you tell me who gave you that wine, we will…”
“Get out of my way!”
Tian Ya threw a slap at him, smacking the white-robed old man.
The other three old men were about to stop Tian Ya from leaving, but Tian Ya’s slap had made them stop abruptly and turn away at the speed of lightning.
“The weather’s great tonight.”
The emperor of Tian Qin Kingdom looked up at the bright moon in the sky.
“Well, it’s nice to come out tonight to enjoy the moonlight…”
The other emperors also looked at the bright moon and agreed.
As soon as he said this, Tian Ya had hurriedly rushed to Wu Shang City and disappeared under the moonlight in the blink of an eye.
After he left, the emperor of Tian Qin Kingdom subconsciously wiped the sweat from his forehead. “How did this Tian Ya… Become so ferocious? It’s horrible…”
And with his furious appearance, he looked even scarier…
Messing with him at such a time was a death wish.
“Then, what should we do now?”
“What else can we do? Hurry up, bring our armies back. Qi Fang this trash is so lucky. He has the old emperor helping him back then, and now Tian Ya, to guard his kingdom… As long as Tian Ya is still in Tianling Kingdom, there’s nothing we can do to conquer this kingdom…”
The emperor of Gu Yue Kingdom was somewhat reluctant to leave. His eyes were fixed on Wu Shang City for quite a long time before he eventually turned around and walked away.
The battle, which just started, had already ended…
Inside General Manor.
Feng Ruqing stood up from her chair and walked to Nan Xian’s side.
Nan Xian’s face was cold, but a few solemnities gradually appeared in his stern gaze.
The dark fog inside the banquet hall grew thicker.
A young man gradually stepped out of the dark fog…
This young man was as handsome as an immortal. His gaze was cold and stern as he looked around at the people present.
“This time, if you find me another trash for me to possess, I will kill you!”
This single word made everyone tremble, and some even hid under their seats in panic, trying to hide away from this creature.
Liu Yi’s forehead broke out in cold sweat. “You can take these two people in front of you.”
His gaze was directed at Feng Ruqing and Nan Xian.
The young man smiled coldly as he followed Liu Yi’s gaze, but stiffened when he saw Feng Ruqing’s face.
Even the air in the banquet hall was a little colder than usual…