The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 163 - Feng Tianyu Spat Blood II

Chapter 163: Feng Tianyu Spat Blood II

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“That’s because you people are foolish. Do you really think that the emperor is the same as the old emperor twenty years ago? Stop dreaming of controlling him, and you guys are overthinking.” Chancellor Liu smirked and continued, “I won’t be as stupid as you people. Besides, it was Tan Shuangshuang who had volunteered to receive the punishment on my son’s behalf. How is that my son’s fault?”
Hmph! Minister Li brushed his long sleeve, his eyes were filled with hatred. “Do you think that I’m not aware of your thoughts? Don’t you still wish for the princess to be your daughter-in-law so that you can flaunt among the nobles and climb up to a higher position? Do you really think that… the princess would only marry into your family?”
Chancellor Liu squinted and said, “Yuchen is still young, and he will realize that what I have done now is for his own good in the future. By then, the princess will surely become the Liu family’s daughter-in-law. There is no doubt about it.”
The underlying meaning was this, if Liu Yuchen was willing to change his mind, Feng Ruqing would definitely accept him.
Censor Lin, who had just supported Nalan Zhangqian in the court, happened to pass by at that very moment. He couldn’t help but shake his head and sigh when he heard Chancellor Liu’s words.
‘Chancellor Liu is delusional. Hasn’t he noticed that… the princess has no affection for Liu Yuchen anymore? Otherwise, how could she show aggression toward him downtown?
‘What a pity that his thought is doomed, never to be realized.’
In the court, only Nalan Zhangqian, Feng Ruqing, and Feng Tianyu and his personal eunuch—Eunuch Lin, were left. The rest of the officers had already left.
Even the spirit beasts and the Iron-Blooded army were told to leave as well…
“Zhangqian… ” Feng Tianyu’s expression turned gentle and said calmly, “During this half a year, I hope you can recruit some talents that are suited to these positions.”
Nalan Zhangqian was a little shocked, he said, “Does Your Majesty really… want to fire them?”
He had thought that the emperor was only attempting to frighten the officers. He did not expect that the emperor had really made up his mind on this.
“They had acted in such a manner, wanting to control me in making decisions since the very beginning. Unfortunately, my father had passed away early, and I was young at that time. I had my limits in fighting against them. I could only let them make waves but now…”
He looked down resolutely.
“I’m not the old me anymore! No one can control me! I have long wanted to demote them, I needed only one reason to do so, and now they have given me the reason!”
The emperor had no reason not to fire them now!
“Yes… ” Nalan Zhangqian’s eyes shone brightly. “I will dismiss those people who disobey, all of them. No one can coerce Your Majesty in the future anymore!”
Feng Tianyu finally smiled, but his throat was pumped with that bloody pressure again.
A mouthful of fresh blood spurted out of his mouth.
That handsome face suddenly turned pale.
Feng Ruqing was astonished and got pale. She quickly rushed in front of Feng Tianyu and held his staggering body.
“Father, what happened to you? Why is this happening?” Feng Ruqing panicked as her voice trembled. Her eyes glittered with tears as she was clouded with worry.
Feng Ruqing did all these simply because the previous owner of this body was gone. She had to apologize for what the previous owner had done.
But it wasn’t until this moment that she realized that she had already… assimilated herself into this body.
Whether it was the soul, emotion, flesh… she was all completely occupied by them now.
She couldn’t ignore her family, nor could she… not love these people.