The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 165 - Feng Tianyu Spat Blood IV

Chapter 165: Feng Tianyu Spat Blood IV
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They had always thought that Yan’er had died in childbirth. Now, Nalan Zhangqian came to realize that his younger sister, the sister he had cared for for so many years, the sister who had caused heartache to the Nalan family for so many years, was killed by someone evil!
Nalan Zhangqian turned pale. He felt as there was an infinite pain spreading from inside him, making it difficult for him to breathe.
“I did find some evidence before you guys were back. I didn’t say it because you were young and irritable. Qing’er was a newborn baby and I hoped… this matter wouldn’t affect General Manor and Qing’er.”
He had borne all the pain alone.
He had taken all the responsibility alone.
He was unwilling to let the people, whom Yan’er cared for, suffer from a single bit of damage.
As an emperor, he could hold back, but Zhangqian might not have been able to do it.
If this matter had spread, it would have definitely affected the general manor, and also the young Qing’er as well…
He had already lost Yan’er, he could not afford to lose his daughter too!
“Those people… who made you afraid…” Nalan Zhangqian clenched his fists tighter. ” Are they… the people who are from the reclusive family?”
Feng Tianyu tacitly admitted to Nalan Zhangqian’s questions.
He remained silent for a while and continued, “But I still couldn’t find out who was behind this after years of searching. Zhangqian, Master Nalan is in his old years, and he shouldn’t be in hardship anymore. You must not let him know what I have said today.”
Nalan Zhangqian’s heart was trembling. If even he could not bear it after hearing the news that his sister was murdered by someone, let alone his father who had been doting on his sister since she was young.
He couldn’t imagine what would happen if his father knew what had happened…
“Why are you telling me this now, Your Majesty?”
“It’s because…” Feng Tianyu couldn’t help but smile bitterly. “I need you to support Qing’er. Qing’er will know about Yan’er death sooner or later, and it’s better to tell her myself.”
He had been drinking the spirit wine that Feng Ruqing had brought, and his condition was getting better. Unfortunately, he was angered by those ministers, and he almost could not stand it…
He was afraid that his life might end, handling those matters even for just one more day. That would force Qing’er to face reality without any preparations.
Feng Tianyu finally decided to reveal everything after watching Feng Ruqing’s performance that day.
“Father,” Feng Ruqing held Feng Tianyu’s hand tightly. “Your sickness, I will cure it for sure. But, you have to stay strong and alive! Or else, as for Imperial-Mother’s temper, even if both of you meet at the Bridge of Helplessness 1 , she will not care about you anymore if she knows that you gave up on yourself!”
Feng Tianyu was stunned. This little girl… how could she know that he had lost his will to live?
He did not even know how he had managed to survive all these years.
What was the point of living without Yan’er?
“Okay… ” Feng Tianyu smiled lightly as he stroked the girl’s hair with his fingers, he replied gently, “Father will survive.”
Feng Ruqing was skeptical and asked, “Really, you promise?”
“I’m the emperor of Liu Yun Kingdom. If I have said so, you can take my words for it. ”
With his smiling eyes, his voice was soft but feeble.
“Father, I can trust you one more time.” Feng Ruqing helped Feng Tianyu up to his feet. Her eyes were firm and steady, “But, if you wish to end your life someday, even if I need to rush to King Yan 1 ‘s Palace or the Bridge of Helplessness, I will definitely drag you out from there.”