The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 166 - The Little Stray Wolf?

Chapter 166: The Little Stray Wolf?
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‘I don’t want you to die! You are not allowed to die!’
“Uncle, let me help my father sit down first.” Feng Ruqing turned her head to look at Nalan Zhangqian.
Currently, Feng Ruqing’s mind was filled with worry about Feng Tianyu’s health condition. She did not want to stay in the palace any longer. She only wanted to go back and discuss with Fu Chen how to cure her father.
Thinking of Fu Chen, he was truly a precious gift. Not only did he have plenty of treasures, he was actually a walking dictionary—there was nothing in this world that he did not know.
Even since Feng Ruqing had commanded the spirit beasts to leave the emperor’s audience hall, the spirit beasts were wandering all over the palace.
As the spirit beasts had always been feral, naturally, Tang Zi was not capable of handling them. However, the spirit beasts did not hurt anyone. Hence, Tang Zi did not stop them from wandering around.
In the inner court, the snow wolf stuck its nose in the air as it snorted while staring disdainfully at the servants who were hiding away.
Previously, in the princess manor, the snow wolf could feel the fear in Liu Li and Qing Ling’s eyes whenever the snow wolf looked at them. However, ever since it had submitted to Feng Ruqing, this snow wolf of the Heavenly Mountain had completely lost its dignity as the two servants were no longer afraid of it.
Now that the snow wolf had regained its dignity in the palace, it seemed that the snow wolf could come into the palace more often so these humans would bow their heads to the snow wolf.
“Cousin, look! The wolf is so imposing. Why is there be a wolf in the palace? Since I need a mount, can I take it?”
An unseemly voice, like a child’s voice at the tender age, spoke not far away from the snow wolf.
Hearing this, the haughty snow wolf stopped moving and turned to look for a moment. However, nothing came into sight besides its own body.
‘Am I the wolf that he was talking about?’ The snow wolf raised its head to look ahead as it wondered.
Standing not far away were a lady and a young master at the age of about ten years old.
With little makeup on her face, the lady in a flattering pink dress was extremely adorable. A dusky and rosy blush on her cheek was like an exquisite jade 1 and her arched eyebrows were like the crescent moon. With a sweet, glittering smile on her lips, she looked extremely pure and gorgeous.
Likewise, the young master had a pair of bright eyes and delicate features. However, he looked extremely annoying as his eyes were filled with greed.
When the lady saw the haughty snow wolf, her face stiffened and the smile suddenly vanished.
“That’s Feng Ruqing’s spirit beast?” Feng Rushuang was the one who gave Feng Ruqing the snow wolf. Originally, Feng Rushuang had thought that Feng Ruqing would regret getting the snow wolf. It turned out that the snow wolf had submitted itself to Feng Ruqing.
“Cousin Rushuang, I want that spirit beast. Can you give it to me?” Liu Yu did not hear Feng Rushuang’s words. He tugged at the Feng Rushuang’s sleeve with one hand while pointing at the snow wolf with the other.
This time, the snow wolf finally understood. The snow wolf was truly the mount that the human had mentioned just now.
Burning with rage, the snow wolf howled furiously as it stared at the two people before it with murderous intent.
‘Will the master stop giving me the Divine-Spirit Fruit if I eat these two humans? Will the master stop loving me and throw me out of the manor after this? Will I be a stray wolf? If humans fed on wolf flesh before me, I would explode with rage. Will Master also feel the same?’ The snow wolf sank into deep contemplation.