The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 168 - The Old Master of the Liu Family II

Chapter 168: The Old Master of the Liu Family II
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If Liu Yu was not the only young master of the Liu family and if Liu Rong did not love him so much, Feng Rushuang would not be bothered about him.
“Your Highness Princess Rushuang, how could you do that? You have never learned to honor and show respect to the Liu family. Even when you have something good, you gave it to Feng Ruqing. However, you can never please her regardless of what you do.” Mei Ying’s face darkened a few shades.
Initially, Mei Ying thought there must be someone in the palace who raised the snow wolf. Hearing Liu Yu’s words, it turned out that Feng Rushuang was the one who owned the snow wolf. She had never thought the Feng Rushuang was such an ungrateful wretch and had actually given such a divine gift to Feng Ruqing instead of Liu Yu.
“Aunt Liu, you have gone too far. Are you not afraid that I will tell my mother about this?” Feng Rushuang blushed with rage. She gritted her teeth tightly as she spoke.
“Be my guest. I wonder if Noble Consort Rong will take your side,” Mei Ying sneered.
Hearing this, Feng Rushuang’s face collapsed like a deflated balloon. It was true that Liu Rong had always loved and cared for Feng Rushuang. However, when it came to a situation where Liu Rong had to choose between Liu Yu and Feng Rushuang, Liu Rong had always sided with Liu Yu.
Not long ago, after Feng Ruqing had laid her hands on Liu Yu, Mei Ying had brought Liu Yu back to her parents’ manor as she was afraid that Feng Ruqing might look for more trouble. Hence, Mei Ying did not know the things that had happened in the imperial city recently. Not to mention the incident when Feng Ruqing had brought a large group of spirit beasts back to the city. Moreover, Mei Ying and Liu Yu’s strength was too low to find out that the snow wolf was actually a Tier-3 spirit beast.
“If you truly want the snow wolf, go and get it now.” Feng Rushuang lowered her eyes as she sneered.
‘As long as the snow wolf is willing to bow its head to both of them…’
“Yu’er, let’s go and get your mount. Since Her Highness Princess Rushuang agrees, the snow wolf dares not go against us.” Mei Ying was brimming with joy.
Seeing this, the snow wolf and the earth bear exchanged glances.
‘What are these few human fighting for? However, regardless of what they are fighting for, these few people are evil.’
Seeing the noblewoman walking toward them with a kid in tow, the earth bear roared again. ‘Butler snow wolf, should we attack?’
Howl! ‘Why don’t we give them a chance? We will only attack if they take one more step forward.’
‘Perhaps, the master will not penalize us as long as we don’t eat humans.’
At this moment. Mei Ying took one more step forward while Liu Yu said scornfully, “Mommy, this bear is too fat and bears some resemblance to Feng Ruqing. I don’t like a butterball. I like the snow wolf more.”
The fat bear was too disgusting. Liu Yu hated a bloated wretch!
The earth bear flew into a furious rage. ‘You can say that I am stupid and foolish but definitely not fat! What’s wrong with being fat? Is it true that a fatty doesn’t deserve anything but humiliation? What about a fatty’s dignity?’
Burning with anger, the earth bear beat its chest with its fists ceaselessly, and let out an earth-shattering roar. Its roar was so loud, Mei Ying and Liu Yu could not help but take a few steps backward.
Mei Ying and Liu Yu stood rooted to the spot and did not regain their composure for a long while. At this moment, a buzzing sound echoed in their heads and blood streamed from their ears without them even realizing it.
Feng Rushuang was dumbfounded. Originally, she had wanted to teach the two people a lesson. She had never intended to take their lives.