The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 169 - : The Old Master of the Liu Family III

Chapter 169: The Old Master of the Liu Family III
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Mei Ying’s death was nothing, but if anything were to happen to Liu Yu, Liu Rong would explode with rage and would not care about Feng Rushuang in the future ever again.
“Stop it!”
“Stop it!”
Two loud voices sounded, the former was Feng Rushuang’s while the latter was aged and wrathful.
Before the earth bear could react, a powerful aura quickly rushed toward it. Stunned, the earth bear quickly stopped moving but was not capable of dodging the deadly aura.
Seeing this, the snow wolf quickly stomped over, its eyes reddened with rage. Even though the earth bear was huge and bulky, it was not capable of handling such a strong aura. As the butler of the princess manor, if the snow wolf disregarded the safety of the earth bear, how could he command respect from the others?
Just as the snow wolf rushed over to help the earth bear, a huge body as tall as a mountain quickly rushed over and stood in front of them.
Stunned, the snow wolf and the earth bear flew into a great panic, their eyes widened in shock. The person standing before them looked like a god who had descended from heaven and was even taller than Mount Tai.
“If you dare to lay your hands on me, my father would do nothing but kill the whole Liu family!” A light and clear voice sounded.
The murderous aura vanished in a flash and the whole palace regained its peaceful silence.
Standing rooted on the ground, the old man held his fist reluctantly in mid-air, right before Feng Ruqing and did not put down for a long while.
“Father, you… you have attained Spirit Warrior tier? Disregarding the blood streaming from her ears, Mei Ying quickly rushed to the old man. She was thrilled when she saw the old man.
The Spirit Warrior tier cultivator was the most powerful warrior in the whole Liu Yun Kingdom.
The Liu family’s foothold in the kingdom was growing increasingly stronger all through the years as Liu Yunxiao’s strength had grown in leaps and bounds. He had even found a quiet and secluded place for closed-door cultivation, to attempt the attainment of Spirit Warrior tier.
Even though Mei Ying did not know what had Liu Yunxiao had encountered that his strength had made an enormous stride forward, she understood that as long as Liu Yunxiao had attained Spirit Warrior tier, the Liu family would scruple at nothing in Liu Yun Kingdom.
In Cang Yue Mainland, the strong should rule and the weak should simply get out of the way regardless of the royal status.
It was a pity that the emperor of Liu Yun Kingdom was also of Spirit Warrior tier. Hence, it was not the right time for the Liu family to take over the kingdom unless Liu Yunxiao could surpass the emperor and be the top warrior of the kingdom.
Even so, as Liu Yunxiao had attained Spirit Warrior tier, the emperor would not simply mess with him. After all, no one had a solid upperhand in winning the battle between two Spirit Warriors. For a Spirit Warrior, killing cultivators who had attained lower tier than the Spirit Warrior tier was nothing but killing an ant.
“Your Highness, these two spirit beasts attacked my grandson. Why are you stopping me?” Disregarding all the ethics, Liu Yunxiao balled his hands into fists as he snarled.
Liu Yunxiao was completely different from the person in the princess’s memory. Back then, the Liu family had always been meek and subservient to the princess in order to please her. However, Liu Yunxiao had left the kingdom ten years ago and was nowhere to be found. Even the emperor had no idea where Liu Yunxiao was hiding.
Although the princess had rarely met Liu Yunxiao back then, she could never get rid of his obsequious expression that was deeply engraved in her mind.
Little did Feng Ruqing expect that when she met Liu Yunxiao again, he would have actually attained Spirit Warrior tier.