The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 170 - The Old Master of the Liu Family IV

Chapter 170: The Old Master of the Liu Family IV

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Feng Ruqing’s eyes narrowed. Back then, when Liu Yunxiao had vanished from the city all of a sudden, Feng Ruqing had resorted to the emperor to look for Liu Yunxiao. Now, it turned out that the Liu family knew what had actually happened to Liu Yunxiao, but pretended to be clueless of his whereabouts so he could secretly cultivate to enhance his strength.
Most importantly, the master behind this was truly something as he was capable of keeping Liu Yunxiao out of sight from all the masters in Liu Yun Kingdom.
Perhaps, this had something to do with Empress Nalan’s death.
“My spirit beasts will never hurt anyone without a reason. Both of them must have done something that had infuriated my spirit beasts.”
“What have they done to you?” Feng Ruqing turned to look at the earth bear.
The earth bear pointed its claw at Liu Yu as it roared, tears nearly fell from its eyes as if it had suffered a great deal of grief.
“What did the Beary say? I don’t get it.” Feng Ruqing was caught dumbfounded and turned to look at the snow wolf.
Beary was the name Feng Ruqing had assigned to the earth bear. Hence, the earth bear was the only spirit beast with a name.
Howl! Howl!
The snow wolf pointed its claw at Liu Yu as if telling Feng Ruqing about Liu Yu’s evildoings. However, Feng Ruqing still could not get the snow wolf.
Fortunately, Liu Yu quickly straightened it out.
“That’s my spirit beast! Cousin Rushuang gave it to me. Who do you think you are to take it away from me? You devil! Bastard!”
Seeing that Feng Ruqing wanted to take the snow wolf away from him, Liu Yu disregarded his ears that were still bleeding and stared furiously at Feng Ruqing as he stomped his feet in rage.
Feng Rushuang flew into a great panic. Originally, she had induced Liu Yu to approach the spirit beasts as she wanted to teach Liu Yu a lesson. It turned out that Liu Yu had dug her a grave. However, Feng Rushuang quickly felt relieved after she glanced at Liu Yunxiao.
Feng Rushuang’s grandfather—Liu Yunxiao, had returned with such an almighty power. Naturally, Feng Ruqing could no longer bully her.
However, seeing Liu Yunxiao had stopped moving forward, Feng Rushuang quickly understood.
The emperor loved Feng Ruqing more than himself. If anything were to happen to Feng Ruqing, the emperor would never let Liu Yunxiao off so easily.
As there were only two people who had attained Spirit Warrior tier in Liu Yun Kingdom—Liu Yunxiao and the emperor, if a battle started between the two Spirit Warriors, the emperor might not be capable of defeating Liu Yunxiao.
The battle between the two would only cause destruction to both sides as the emperor would fight to the death and perish together with Liu Yunxiao.
Liu Yunxiao had strived extremely hard to attain his current strength and foothold. Naturally, he would not take such a risk. Moreover, he just needed a little more time to overtake the emperor. It was not a wise decision to make such a move.
Hence, Liu Yunxiao dared not lay his hands on Feng Ruqing.
“Since when did my snow wolf belong to Feng Rushuang?” Feng Ruqing squinted at Feng Rushuang coldly.
“Your Highness, Shuang’er said that the snow wolf was her spirit beast but you had forced her to give it to you. You truly are a master in taking someone else’s belongings.” Mei Ying felt greatly relieved seeing that Liu Yunxiao had returned to the city. She forced a smile as she spoke.
Mei Ying would have never spoken to Feng Ruqing like that before this. Now that she had a strong backing, she was no longer afraid of Feng Ruqing.
There was a barricade, which was almost impossible to break through, to attain each tier along the cultivation journey. Even though the emperor owned hundreds and thousands of troops, they were simply a piece of cake in the eyes of Spirit Warriors.
‘When did I say that? I don’t recall ever saying that before.’
Hearing this, Feng Rushuang was rendered speechless.