The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 171 - Spirit Warrior Tier? Is It Something Edible? I

Chapter 171: Spirit Warrior Tier? Is It Something Edible? I

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“Your Highness has gone too far. I know that you have always been bratty and spoilt. However, you should know how Shuang’er has treated you all this while. She has saved your life, but you have taken the spirit beast away from her? How could you bite the hand that feeds you?” Liu Yunxiao’s face darkened a few shades.
As Liu Yunxiao had gone for closed-door cultivation for months and Feng Ruqing was only here for about two to three months, naturally, Liu Yunxiao was not aware of the things that had happened in the imperial city recently.
Feng Ruqing suddenly broke into laughter—her gaze was icy cold.
“Master Liu has just returned to the city. It is natural that you are unaware of the things that have happened in the past few months. Lady Liu, don’t you know the things that have happened at the city’s gates? Are you pretending to be ignorant?”
“What is that all about?” Mei Ying’s face stiffened.
What had actually happened in the past few months that Mei Ying was not aware of?
“If you are not aware, you can ask Feng Rushuang. She knows it very well.” Feng Ruqing moved close to Mei Ying with a faint smile on her face.
“Aunt, perhaps you are not aware of this as you have gone back to your parents’ manor. Feng Ruqing is the one who has brought all these spirit beasts back to the city. All the people in the imperial city beheld the whole incident,” seeing Mei Ying’s eyes fixed on her, Feng Rushuang said calmly.
As everyone in Liu Yun Kingdom knew about this, Feng Rushuang would not dare to lie.
“Yu’er I thought you have said that Shuang’er owned this spirit beast?” Hearing this, Mei Ying’s face darkened and quickly turned to look at Liu Yu.
Lost in wonder, Liu Yu only regained his composure after a long while.
“Mommy, I am not sure about that. That’s what Cousin Rushuang has told me. She told me that all these spirit beasts belong to her. I don’t care, I want that snow wolf. If you can’t get the snow wolf for me, I won’t drink or eat anything! I will kill myself!” Liu Yu raised his chin as he snorted with a decisive tone.
Mei Ying was a little worried. However, as the spirit beast did not belong to Feng Rushuang, she could hardly take it with her.
“Yu’er, why don’t I buy one for you from the beast court?”
“No way! I want this snow wolf!”
Liu Yu sat down, rolled all over the ground, refusing to let go of the snow wolf.
As the Liu family and Liu Rong had showered Liu Yu with too much affections and that Feng Ruqing had always been siding him previously, Liu Yu had grown extremely spoilt and demanding.
However, Feng Ruqing was no longer a fool. Liu Yu had not learned his lesson although Feng Ruqing had laid her hands on him.
“Mommy, if you can’t get the snow wolf for me, I will ask Noble Consort Rong to help me. As long as Noble Consort Rong agrees, I will get anything I want.”
“Hey, you! You have always been giving me everything that I wanted previously. What’s wrong with you now? Who do you think you are?” Burning with rage, Liu Yu glared at Feng Ruqing.
It was true that if one gave a beggar money every day, once he stopped giving, not only would the beggar be ungrateful toward him, the beggar would also hold grudges against him.
“Your Highness, it is just a spirit beast. Yu’er is considered your younger brother after all. Why don’t you give the snow wolf to him as a gift? The whole Liu family would be very grateful to you.” Mei Ying peeked at Liu Yunxiao. Seeing that Liu Yunxiao did not stop her, she braced herself, took a step forward, and spoke.
Feng Ruqing’s gaze was growing increasingly cold like the bitter chill of winter that sent a chill into everyone’s heart.
“First of all, I only have a brother and sister—Nalan Dai’er and Nalan Jing. I’m not going to even mention Liu Yu, when even Feng Rushuang has nothing to do with me.”