The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 175 - Spineless Liu Yunxiao II

Chapter 175: Spineless Liu Yunxiao II
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Liu Yu was stunned and instantly started to bawl. He kept tugging at Liu Yunxiao’s sleeve while crying out loud, “Grandpa, I want that snow wolf. I want that snow wolf.”
Liu Yunxiao frowned showing that he was annoyed and impatient with this child. How could this spoilt brat become so pampered to this extent?
However, despite his dissatisfaction with the child’s spoilt attitude, he must maintain his Liu family descendant’s pride in front of the others.
When Liu Yunxiao was about to open his mouth, Feng Ruqing was already in front of Liu Yu in a swift motion. She lifted up the short boy using one hand and gave a loud slap on his bottom.
“If you wail one more time, you’ll be my snow wolf’s meal later,” the maiden threatened him with one raised brow. She maintained her arrogance while acting indifferent.
The snow wolf’s eyes were shining with excitement. It had not eaten humans for a long time. Err, although this little human did not seem appetizing, it could still have him as a snack.
Liu Yu was so terrified that he immediately stopped crying. He looked at Liu Yunxiao who had a stern expression, then he averted his gaze to his mother who was burning with anger and disbelief. Tears of grief filled his eyes as it almost flowed down his cheek.
“Princess, don’t you think your action is a bit too much?” Liu Yunxiao exclaimed with gritted teeth and his fists were balled tightly.
Feng Ruqing glanced at Liu Yunxiao and said coldly, “You want to seize my father’s throne while he wants to snatch my snow wolf. Aren’t the both of you the worst?”
“…” Liu Yunxiao was taken aback and tried to defend himself. “Dethroning the emperor is just a baseless rumor. Regarding the spirit beast… it is just a spirit beast. If Your Royal Highness is willing to give this spirit beast to Yu’er as a gift, I am willing to promise you three conditions.
Feng Ruqing laughed.
She laughed because of Liu Yunxiao’s words.
Feng Ruqing turned to look at the old general, “Grandpa, are his three conditions… worthy?”
The old general stared at Liu Yunxiao coldly and answered, “Not even worth a penny!”
“You …” Liu Yunxiao was getting caught up in his anger but he knew he had to suppress it.
He did not dare to challenge the old general now based on his current cultivation level.
Nevertheless, he had reached Spirit Warrior tier. Perhaps Feng Ruqing was still young and immature, but how was it be possible for the old general to ignore his new cultivation level?
If Liu Yun Kingdom had three Spirit Warrior tiers, it was definitely good news to His Majesty.
Wasn’t his promise far more valuable than the spirit beast?
“Definitely not worth it at all,” Feng Ruqing smiled. “My snow wolf is only two years old but it is already a Tier-2 spirit beast. I believe it will reach Tier-3 in a short time! On the other hand, a sixty-year-old graybeard who has just reached Spirit Warrior tier like you, what makes you think you are an equal match to my Little Wolfie?”
The snow wolf nodded it head aggressively.
Yes, it was definitely worth more than this old man.
Nobody could separate the Divine-Spirit Fruit from the snow wolf!
“Are you thinking of landing the first blow at me?” Feng Ruqing glared at the furious Liu Yunxiao. Her smile became broader before calling out, “Guards, get my father here now. Tell him that someone intends to seize the throne and land a blow on me!”
Liu Yunxiao’s wrinkled face became stiff.
He looked more nervous when he saw that the old general was calm and composed in front of Feng Ruqing, ready to protect her from any danger.
Before this, he had dared to have such an arrogant attitude because Liu Yun Kingdom had only one Spirit Warrior tier, Feng Tianyu.
However, there was another one now. Furthermore, he was Feng Tianyu’s father-in-law. This had caused a massive headache for him.
After all …
If two Spirit Warriors joined hands to fight him together, he would definitely lose to them!
“Misunderstanding. This is totally a misunderstanding.” Liu Yunxiao wiped beads of sweat from his forehead. A sneer was plastered on his aged face.
This was the first time he had acted so cowardly after he had reached the breakthrough of Spirit Warrior tier!
In a blink of an eye, ten years ago did not seem like a long while ago! That old man was fawning people by nodding and bowing to please others.