The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 178 - Punishment III

Chapter 178: Punishment III
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“Then, I am sorry to bother you with such trouble.”
Lady Liu’s eyes widened in disbelief.
Did father-in-law just give up without a fight? How could he act like a spineless coward? Yu’er was the only male descendant of the Liu family now. How could he leave him alone at the palace?
“As for Lady Liu…” Feng Ruqing glared at Mei Ying who held her head low before she continued, “Punish her with one hundred strokes of the cane and chase her out of the palace. She is no longer allowed to step into the palace.”
Lady Liu was startled upon hearing about her punishment but she did not dare to protest. Even her father-in-law had surrendered like a coward, she could do nothing alone.
“As for you…” Feng Ruqing turned around to face Liu Yunxiao.
She would never forget that Mei Ying had such an overweening and conceited attitude because of Liu Yunxiao.
He was the real culprit behind this incident.
Liu Yunxiao who was already sullen with grief started to feel angry again upon hearing Feng Ruqing’s words. However, he eventually suppressed his anger.
“Your Royal Highness, this is a real misunderstanding, I…”
“I don’t care whether it is a misunderstanding or not. Today, all of you have made my spirit beasts and Iofrified with this incident. We must get some psychological compensation from you! Little Wolfie, take the bear with you to Liu Yunxiao’s manor later and bring back whatever precious things that you like.”
Liu Yunxiao was speechless. “…”
He murmured silently, ‘Are you the princess of Liu Yun Kingdom or a robber who claims yourself as the king of the mountain?’
How could she deceive and take advantage of people in such a way?
“You seem disatisfied. Guards, get my father …”
She did not finish her sentence when Liu Yunxiao quickly cut her off with gritted teeth, “As you wish, Your Royal Highness!”
Damn it, Feng Ruqing!
He would definitely take revenge one day!
He felt indignant for what had happened!
“Good!” Feng Ruqing finally smiled with satisfaction. She patted the snow wolf’s head and reminded it, “Remember to bring back all the golds and silvers for me after you have finished eating those spirit herbs, do you hear me?”
The Liu family managed to upgrade their cultivation level at a fast speed due to a secret method and also with the help of spirit herbs.
Thus …
If she could not empty the whole Liu Manor, she would never be easily satisfied!
“…” Liu Yunxiao’s old face turned pale instantly.
How did she know about the hidden spirit herbs in Liu Residence?
Those spirit herbs were his precious treasure he had collected from the master throughout the years. He had planned to keep it for Yu’er in the future.
In fact, he had been secretive and careful when carrying out this matter. He was quite certain that nobody knew about it. So, how did she find out with such details?
Liu Yunxiao breathed a sigh of relief when he thought about the hidden location of his sacred spirit herbs.
It was a secluded and hidden place. Even these spirit beasts could not find the hidden treasure. In regard to other money and valuables… those were mere worldly possessions, so he was alright if they were gone.
He had hidden them well in the secret location anyway…
“You should get lost now!” Feng Ruqing’s facial expression turned icy cold and she scolded him with a stern voice.
Liu Yunxiao held his fists together to be excused. “I’ll make a move now.”
Once he finished his words, he averted his icy and emotionless gaze to Lady Liu who kept holding Liu Yu. “Let’s go.”
Mei Ying stood up from the ground with her jaw clenched tightly. She looked at the wailing Liu Yu and felt sorry for her son. Finally, she forced herself to turn around and follow Liu Yunxiao’s footsteps.
After Liu Yunxiao had left the place, Feng Ruqing ordered the imperial guards to take Feng Rushuang and Liu Yu away and dismissed the rest.
There were only her and Master Nalan in the back garden.
Master Nalan was still fuming with anger and panted, “Qing’er, why did you let those bastards from the Liu family go easily?”
“Both of you have just hit the cultivation breakthrough not long ago. If there is a battle, it will definitely cause serious injury and damage to both warriors. I am not willing to see you hurt,” Feng Ruqing explained.