The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 179 - Punishment IV

Chapter 179: Punishment IV
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Master Nalan had reached the golden age. He should be enjoying his retired life right now instead of worrying about the battle. She would not bother him with such matters.
Master Nalan understood and appreciated how Feng Ruqing cared for him. His anger subsided slowly. “We still have His Majesty, don’t we? If both of us join hands to fight him, how would it be possible for us to lose to that old man?”
Feng Ruqing’s smile slowly ceased from her face as she went silent.
Master Nalan was startled and realized that something was wrong.
“Qing’er, did something happen?”
Feng Ruqing forced a smile and muttered, “This is the actual reason I had refused to let Father fight a battle. His health is not very well. I’m afraid… he is unable to fight anymore.”
Since her father had almost fainted that day, she took the opportunity to let Fu Chen check his health.
That was how she found out about her father’s current poor health condition.
Feng Tianyu had been enduring the pain secretly. Even though he had the ability of the Spirit Warrior tier, he was unable to utilize his strength and it would affect his body.
Master Nalan’s heart skipped a beat, he asked anxiously, “What happened? What’s wrong with His Majesty?”
“Grandpa, if I’m not mistaken, Father has been poisoned.”
Apparently, he looked exhausted due to overworking apart from excessive mourning and sadness which had caused the decline of his physical and mental health. However, the truth was, he had been poisoned! In fact, once this type of poison invaded the bone marrow, it was highly undetectable.
Thus, even though Feng Ruqing had met Feng Tianyu so many times, she did not realize that he had been poisoned!
If it was not because Feng Tianyu could no longer bear the pain this time, she would not even have realized it at all…
“What?” Master Nalan was fuming with rage as he nearly fell down. He quickly held on the tree next to him to stabilize himself. He gritted his teeth in anger. “Who is the person who dares to poison His Majesty?”
Feng Ruqing pursed her lips before continuing, “Moreover, this poison… has been in his body for many years. Actually, he was supposed to drop dead that year. Fortunately, someone has managed to control his poison, so he could stay alive until today. However, the poison is not totally cleared from his body. It will invade his whole body sooner or later and weaken his health until the day he dies!”
Based on her father’s current condition, it was evident he did not know he was poisoned—it was probably undetectable.
In fact, other people had not realized that he had been poisoned as they assumed his health was deteriorating due to excessive sadness.
“Then… How long… can His Majesty live?”
Master Nalan asked the question in a trembling voice. His eyes were full of sorrow and pain.
“Maximum… one year…”
Feng Ruqing said it with her eyes closed.
Within one year, if she failed to cure him, he could not be saved anymore.
Once the poison invades his heart, there was nothing else she could do.
‘One year…” Master Nalan closed his old eyes as he was immensely saddened by the news. After a brief second, he suddenly opened his eyes with a determined glare. “If I find the person who has poisoned him, I, Nalan Hu swear to torture him alive!”
“Grandpa…” Feng Ruqing held Master Nalan’s wrinkled hand gently and assured him, “Believe me, I will not let him leave us! Moreover, the spirit wine… will able to control the poison for now. As long we can keep the poison slightly under control, it will buy me some time to find the cure.”
It was such a pity that spirit wine could only lessen her father’s pain from the poison but was… unable to cure the result of the poison.
“Spirit wine?” Master Nalan’s eyes suddenly flashed with excitement. But then his joy was instantly subdued. He confessed sadly, “The spirit wine… I have already finished it… every single drop of the wine.”