The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 182 - Just Let Fu Chen Take a Bite II

Chapter 182: Just Let Fu Chen Take a Bite II
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Master Nalan’s lips twitched. He sighed in relief.
“If that’s the case, His Majesty did not let Yan’er down.”
‘Yan’er had just passed away. After a year, His Majesty committed such a mistake. Yan’er was always so proud. Surely, she could not endure this kind of thing. If she got to know about this, how sad would she be?
‘Luckily, His Majesty did not let her down.
‘It is His Majesty’s business that His Majesty does not have an empress any more. But, I didn’t know that His Majesty will never remarry in his remaining lifetime.
‘If His Majesty meets any good and gentle woman, I do hope that His Majesty can forget the past and be happy again.
‘His Majesty should have waited for three to five years. But, His Majesty had done this kind of thing just after a year. How can I stay calm about this?’
“What you thought might be right. My father was tricked.” Feng Ruqing bit her lip and there was coldness in her eyes. “Grandpa, don’t worry about it first. I’ll order somebody to go and investigate it. No one can hurt my father.”
Master Nalan opened his mouth, intending to say something but he stopped and nodded. “Okay, I’ll trust your ability.”
‘Qing’er is all grown up now. She can take care of things on her own now. I’ll not worry about her now.”
“The time is late now. You can go back now. Don’t let my uncle worry about you.” There was no more coldness in Feng Ruqing’s eyes now. She smiled.
Master Nalan sighed. “Qing’er, don’t forget to come and visit me when you’re free.”
“I will…”
Master Nalan left Feng Ruqing reluctantly.
He did not notice Feng Ruqing kicking the stones near her after he left. Then, she too left the palace.
‘There are too many spies in this palace. I have made the formation just now because I didn’t want anyone eavesdropping on our conversation.
‘Of course, I have tricked Fu Chen into teaching me this formation.’
She had tricked all the precious treasures in Fu Chen’s hands from him. But, what was in Fu Chen’s head could be used too.

The grass was green and it stood still.
Fu Chen hid his body among the bushes. He raised his head and looked at the shining sun in the sky. His beautiful face was all sadness.
“Brother Fu Chen, come and eat a little.”
Qing Han pulled up a handful of grass and put it in front of Fu Chen. Her eyes were big, bright, and cute. She blinked.
“I do not want to!” Qing Han grunted. “My pride tells me that I’ll never eat grass even if I were to die of hunger.”
“But…” Qing Han bit her lip and sighed. “If we don’t have the Grade-3 spirit herbs, other spirit herbs are just grass to us.”
‘What she said was indeed true!’
Feng Ruqing saw two beautiful creatures eating grass when she appeared.
Those two creatures felt her presence and raised their heads. They looked at Feng Ruqing sadly.
There was dirt on the corners of their lips. It looked like they were two beggars who were hungry for so long. It was pitiful.
Feng Ruqing did not know what to say.
“Was I too cruel just because I wanted to save some money?’
Feng Ruqing coughed a little after sensing their pitiful gazes. It was awkward. “I have bought some Grade-3 spirit herbs today at the spirit herbs shop, Paramount.
Fu Chen was breathing hard now. There were tears in his eyes.