The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 183 - Just Let Fu Chen Take a Bite III

Chapter 183: Just Let Fu Chen Take a Bite III
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Finally, Feng Ruqing—their guardian, had thought about them. She realized that they were hungry. It was not easy. It was indeed not easy.
“I can buy Grade-3 spirit herbs at Paramount with my Paramount Token but there are not many Grade-3 spirit herbs there. Moreover, every Grade-3 spirit herb is too expensive. So, I can’t give you a lot of that.”
‘What I said was the truth. The spirit herbs shop does not have much of what I need. If I want more of Grade-3 spirit herbs, I need to look for it myself.’
What was more important was that they were just too expensive!
Liu Yun Kingdom was not wealthy.
Fu Chen hugged Feng Ruqing’s thigh with his face full of tears. “Guardian, I’m hungry now. Just give me some of it so I can ease my hunger.”
Feng Ruqing sighed.
She needed the spirit herbs in her hand. So, she just took out a Seven-leaf Flower and carefully plucked a piece of leaf from its stem for Fu Chen and another for Qing Han.
“…” Fu Chen’s eyes widened in shock. ‘Only this much?’
Feng Ruqing saw Fu Chen’s dissatisfaction. Her face darkened. “If you don’t want it, just give it back to me!”
“I want it! Of course, I want it!”
Fu Chen was afraid that Feng Ruqing would take it back so he quickly gobbled it up.
But, Fu Chen could not taste it well because there was simply too little of it.
Even so, Fu Chen could feel that its strength was slowly returning to him when his body absorbed the spirit herb.
How does one describe it? If his previous power was like a deep and wide ocean, this spirit leaf had just helped it recover only a ladle of water.
But even a ladle of water made Fu Chen so excited!
Qing Han was more graceful eating the spirit leaf. Her small mouth gently took a bite of it. She smiled when she tasted and absorbed the leaf’s juice.
‘It’s too delicious. It’s been a thousand years since I’ve tasted such good taste.’
Feng Ruqing looked at Qing Han. She was struggling. After considering for a while, she picked another leaf and gave it to Qing Han.
Fu Chen was patting his belly when he saw what Feng Ruqing did. He stopped and stared. After a moment, he said angrily, “Guardian, how unfair you are! Why has Qing Han gotten two leaves when I only got one?”
Feng Ruqing looked at Fu Chen coldly. “Qing Han is a girl.”
‘Gender discrimination?’
“She’s more obedient than you.”
‘Aren’t I obedient too? Have you forgotten that you’ve tricked me into giving you all the things you have in your hands?’
“Moreover, what did you call me on the first day we met? Oh! That’s right! The herb slave.”
‘This… Qing Han called you that too and you just did not hear it.’
“You’re being unfair!” Fu Chen was angry but he looked quite cute with that wronged face.
It was so cute that… Feng Ruqing wanted to spank him again.
Feng Ruqing soon suppressed the desire. She smiled and looked at Qing Han who was eating happily.
Qing Han ate the spirit leaf gracefully and slowly. Compared to Fu Chen who gobbled the spirit herb just now, the sight of Qing Han eating the spirit leaf was really beautiful.
“Guardian, did somebody bully you today?” Qing Han finished eating and she felt that her strength was slowly returning to her. She came up to Feng Ruqing. She wrapped her arms around Feng Ruqing’s thigh and looked at Feng Ruqing with her two large eyes.
“When I can leave this place with Brother Fu Chen next time, I’ll teach them a lesson for you.”
Feng Ruqing raised her eyebrows. “Aren’t you afraid of me?”