The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 185 - The Spirit Beasts Who Were Digging the Earth I

Chapter 185: The Spirit Beasts Who Were Digging the Earth I

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“Fu Chen, come here.”
Feng Ruqing raised her hands and pulled Fu Chen’s small body into her embrace.
Fu Chen’s head rested against Feng Ruqing’s chest. It was soft, and still, it made Fu Chen’s shameful tears roll down his cheeks.
“Let go of me!”
Fu Chen struggled vigorously.
But it was useless. So, Fu Chen allowed Feng Ruqing to hug him.
“From now on, both of you are the children of the state preceptor and me.” Feng Ruqing hugged Fu Chen in one hand, and she smiled brightly like the sun in the sky. “So, don’t you hide any treasure from me if you have any more treasure. If I learn that you hide something from me, I’ll disown you.”
‘Just… not sure what kind of reaction the state preceptor would have if he knows of it.’
Fu Chen’s white face froze. He took a deep breath before he voiced out his anger.
‘Damn it! Not only you took all my treasures, but you have also made use of the things in my head.’
‘What more do you want?’
“By the way, what’s the usage of the sword you gave me before? Why can’t I use it?”
Feng Ruqing lowered her eyes and looked at Fu Chen, who was in her embrace.
‘That sword was taken from Fu Chen with much difficulty.’
‘But, I do not know how to use it even after I have investigated it for a few days. I cannot even draw it out.”
Fu Chen shook his head. “I’m not sure. I took it from the Divine Herbs Sect. It was made by someone. It looked so delicious, so I took it and hid it for myself. But how would I know how to use it? I’m not human.”
‘By the way, I still did not know what kinds of species these two creatures are.’
‘They’re not human or spirit beasts. What’s more important is they need spirit herbs to recover their spiritual power.’
Feng Ruqing squinted. “Who is that person?”
“The Ninth Emperor!”
There was a sense of worship in Fu Chen’s eyes. “He was the ancestor of the Divine Herbs Sect, and he was also a legendary icon for a thousand years now.”
Feng Ruqing touched her head. “I’ve read through the history of Cang Yue Mainland these past few days. But, I never heard of a person called the Ninth Emperor.”
“Impossible!” Fu Chen’s expression changed. He said angrily, “This mainland was saved by the Ninth Emperor before. All the living things here were all saved by him. Why is there no record of him in history?”
All the living things would die if it were not for the Ninth Emperor. This mainland… would not even exist.
He was the legend of those days.
He was also an unforgettable hero.
But, who was the culprit?
Who had removed the Ninth Emperor’s existence?
“After hearing what you have said, the Ninth Emperor seemed to be a very powerful person.” Feng Ruqing stroked her chin.
He was the ancestor of the Divine Herbs Sect. It proved that he was indeed strong and powerful.
“The Ninth Emperor… He founded the Divine Herbs Sect, and he had even created the prescription of many spirit herbs dishes. The spiritual power was strong in those days, even if it was not as strong as the condition now. Even so, the spirit herbs were rare and special still. If it were not the Ninth Emperor’s efforts, there would not be any prescription of spirit herbs dishes.”
The Ninth Emperor was still regarded as a god when the Divine Herbs Sect encountered a great change in that era. But, after a thousand years, people have now forgotten about him.
How could this not infuriate people?
“The Ninth Emperor seemed to be very powerful. How come he’s dead?”
If the Ninth Emperor were not dead, the Divine Herbs Sect would not have been destroyed then.