The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 187 - The Spirit Beasts Who Were Digging the Earth III

Chapter 187: The Spirit Beasts Who Were Digging the Earth III
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These spirit beasts in the Liu family fought against one another when they quarreled. They would even destroy the maids’ undergarments. They were like robbers in the village, and everyone feared their presence.
The current master of the Liu family—Liu Fei, seemed worried when he saw how aggressive the spirit beasts were. “Do you really allow the spirit beasts to roam freely?”
‘My father’s strength would be able to control the spirit beasts if he chose to do so.’
“How can we do that?” Liu Yunxiao sneered. “Our Liu family would not be this pathetic if your son and my daughter-in-law did not cause trouble.”
Liu Fei was stunned, and he clenched his fists tightly. “Father, you’ve made a breakthrough to Spirit Warrior tier. Why are you afraid of His Majesty?”
“Do you really think that I’m afraid of him alone?” Liu Yunxiao laughed coldly. “Master Nalan has broken through to Spirit Warrior tier too. All of you did not even hear about that. I was embarrassed at the palace.”
Liu Fei was stunned.
‘Has Master Nalan made a breakthrough to Spirit Warrior tier?
‘How did he make a breakthrough?’
A quick shadow ran in from the entrance.
Liu Yunxiao looked at the guard coldly. He said icily, “Why are you so nervous? Did the spirit beasts take some treasure again?”
“No! It’s not!” The guard kneeled down on one knee. The guard looked anxious. “Old master, the master of the Qin family—Qin Feiyang has made a breakthrough to Spirit Warrior tier. The Qin family is currently giving out invitation cards to guests for a meal. Our Liu family is invited too.”
This news was like a great blow to Liu Yunxiao. It shocked him very much.
‘Qin Feiyang has also attained Spirit Warrior tier too!
‘What has happened to our imperial city? Is the Spirit Warrior tier that easily achieved?’
Liu Yunxiao’s tightly clenched fists trembled furiously.
‘Luckily, I did not pick up a fight with them at the palace.’
‘Qin Feiyang and Master Nalan are His Majesty’s families. Surely they would side with His Majesty.’
He was supposed to fight against two people. Now, the number of enemies had increased to three people. There was no chance he could ever win in the fight.
“Do you see?” Liu Yunxiao held out his trembling hands. He pointed at the spirit beasts, which were running around freely. “Why have I promised the princess that I’ll compensate? Why did I even let the spirit beasts run away freely? That’s because… I don’t know what else to do. If I defy the princess, the Liu family would surely be destroyed.”
‘Is it my fault that I’m a coward? I have just done what is best for the Liu family.’
‘I thought that I could change the situation for the Liu family. But, I did not know that those people would attain the Spirit Warrior tier right when I came back.’
‘If I knew of this situation earlier, I would not be so daring as to enter the palace today.’
“But, Father…” Liu Fei’s voice shook with fear. “The spirit herbs given by that person are stored with the Liu family. If those spirit herbs are stolen…”
Liu Yunxiao shook his head. “No, they won’t be able to do that. I’ve hidden those spirit herbs underground. The box which I used to hide the spirit herbs can cover the presence of the spirit herbs too. Even the spirit beasts will not be able to…”
“Old Master!”
An anxious voice broke Liu Yunxiao off as he was talking.
Another guard came forward. He kneeled down in front of Liu Yunxiao anxiously. “Old Master, those spirit beasts have gone wild.”
“What happened?” Liu Yunxiao frowned.
Liu Yunxiao felt a sense of anxiety and discomfort in his heart without knowing why.
“Old Master… Those spirit beasts ran into Rong Garden and start digging the earth without any reason. I’m afraid that they would do something harmful, so I’ve come to inform you about the situation.”
Rong Garden? Digging the earth?
Liu Yunxiao’s head almost exploded with the news. He stood up with trembling legs. He could not stand straight. There was anxiety in his eyes.