The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 189 - This is a Big Misunderstanding I

Chapter 189: This is a Big Misunderstanding I
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The snow wolf squinted.
‘Another person who craves for the Divine-Spirit Fruit?
Suddenly, the snow wolf looked at the earth bear suspiciously.
‘My little brother, how did you know the place where I hid the Divine-Spirit Fruit?’
Liu Yunxiao watched puzzlingly at the bear and wolf, he felt as if… the earth bear was saying something to the snow wolf.
Perhaps… the earth bear wished to stay for dinner, so the bear was trying to persuade the snow wolf?
Liu Yunxiao turned sharply as he thought of that. “Mr. Snow Wolf… the earth bear is right, why don’t Mr. Snow Wolf…”
Before the snow wolf could ask the earth bear what it intended to say, the snow wolf heard Liu Yunxiao’s words and bristled with rage.
The red wolf eyes stared ferociously at Liu Yunxiao’s old face.
He confessed!
This badass old man had confessed!
Brother Bear was right. These people were craving for the Divine-Spirit Fruit from its butt!
Liu Yunxiao was a bit startled.
Had he said something wrong? Wasn’t the earth bear trying to persuade the snow wolf?
Without giving Liu Yunxiao a second chance to speak, the snow wolf slapped him with its paw. The unexpected slap scratched Liu Yun’s feet so quickly that he could not possibly have avoided it.
Luckily, Liu Yunxiao was strong enough so this scratch hurt only a little. If it were Liu Fei, that paw could have torn his leg right off…
Even so, the snow wolf’s deeds had put Liu Yunxiao into a dilemma.
But what could he do? Kill the wolf? Feng Ruqing would never let him go!
“Father!” Liu Fei could not believe it.
‘The snow wolf has already gone this far, how could Father still tolerate it?’
‘When will he be a little braver? Where’s the dignity of being a Spirit Warrior?’
The snow wolf got even angrier.
Initially, the badass old man who wanted to rob it of its Divine-Spirit Fruit. Now, he wanted to evade?
The snow wolf must tell its master that this badass old man bullied it!
Liu Yunxiao’s face was still pale as his lips twitched a few times, then he asked, “So Mr. Snow Wolf… Do you want to have your dinner here or…”
The snow wolf spat on the floor and huffed coldly. Not even glancing in Liu Yunxiao’s direction, the snow wolf walked toward the door elegantly.
The old badass had planned to poison the snow wolf. Would the snow wolf be that stupid to stay?
Besides, things that should be taken had been taken, what should be eaten had been eaten. It was time for the snow wolf to leave!
All the spirit beasts–the earth bear, purple sable, and the other spirit beasts that walked passed Liu Yunxiao spat around his feet, and looked at him scornfully.
Those looks were implying that… he was an idiot!
Liu Yunxiao clenched his fists tighter, his head was rolling as countless thunder and lightning blasted inside his head. He could not even think for a second.
He was despised!
By a group of spirit beasts!
Liu Yunxiao’s chest was beating hard, he clenched his fists so hard that the mark left by his nails could be seen on his palm. The old eyes were filled with rage and unwillingness. He gripped his fists even tighter!
“Father!” Liu Fei’s eyes were filled with disappointment. “You are already a Spirit Warrior now. Why are you still acting like the old you?”
Timidity and overcautiousness?
Liu Yunxiao slapped Liu Fei’s face with his palm. The expression was just like as if Liu Fei had killed his wife—full of anger.
“What do you know? If it wasn’t that old Qin Feiyang making a breakthrough to Spirit Warrior tier, do you really think I would put myself in this position? Yes, I’m timid. But my timidity allows me to survive up until now, and that is why the master has chosen the Liu family!”