The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 190 - This is a Big Misunderstanding II

Chapter 190: This is a Big Misunderstanding II

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He could size up the situation! When to stand up and when to stand back, he knew it all.
If he paid too much attention to his dignity and face, he would have died so many times!
Liu Fei’s eyes were filled with disappointment.
Father was afraid to beat the snow wolf because he was scared of the princess, so he vented all his grudges on him?
Ever since he was a child, whenever Father was in an unjust situation, he dared not go against it but would only… vent his anger on him!
He had become really fed up with days like these!
“Father, I don’t know what you are afraid of. We have support from the master 1 , and Sister she’s…”
“Didn’t you hear that I have told you to shut up?”
Liu Yunxiao was so angry as he gave Liu Fei another slap again. His face was scrunched up in anger as his eyes were filled with resentment. “What do you think the Liu family is to that master? If it wasn’t because that place was strictly controlled, which forbids them to meddle with any grievances in the secular world, he would have done it all by himself. Our family is merely one of his pawns. A pawn which he could throw away anytime, as he could pick up another new pawn anytime!”
This pawn was able to maintain its place for now only because of the relationship with Liu Rong, and also for his assistance for so many years.
Liu Fei smiled coldly.
He licked away the fresh blood on his lips, and sneered at Liu Yunxiao. “Father, you’re too spineless. If I were you, as a Spirit Warrior, I won’t, and I don’t need to put up with all these. I would have already… killed all these spirit beasts!”
Liu Yunxiao’s face was scrunched up in anger as he pointed at Liu Fei and said, “You…”
Before Liu Yunxiao could scold Liu Fei, he had already turned away and was walking toward the outer part of the courtyard.
Looking at his fading figure, Liu Yunxiao stood beside the pits. His eyes were filled with sadness.
“Who am I doing this for? Wasn’t it all for the Liu family? What’s wrong for being a coward, at least I have done whatever I could so that the Liu family could survive up until this day!”
However, his son would never understand his efforts…
At Supreme Princess Manor.
At the pavilion, Feng Ruqing leaned on the stone bench. She looked lazy as the glow of sunset spilled on her red dress.
The only trouble was that the stone bench seemed to be a little too tiny to fit her entire butt, as half of her butt was sitting outside the bench.
‘It seems like losing weight is indeed a long journey…”
Feng Ruqing sighed.
She had lost quite some weight then. However, she would need more time to cut down her size to an average one.
Suddenly, a loud howl came from outside.
The voice was filled with grief making it sound like it was crying.
Feng Ruqing turned her head. Suddenly, she saw that beautiful snow wolf swiftly rushing toward her and immediately sobbing in her arms.
With Feng Ruqing’s size, she could hold the snow wolf in her arms.
Feng Ruqing was stunned for a moment. After a moment, she forced some laughter to comfort herself.
‘Maybe the snow wolf is still young, its size… is tiny so I could hug it.’
Yes, it must be that!
“Little Wolfie, has someone bullied you?” Feng Ruqing asked, frowning as she looked down at the weeping snow wolf.
The snow wolf sobbed and nodded.
Sob sob.
Not only did that badass old man want to rob it of its Divine-Spirit Fruit, but he… also did not let it beat him…
That was too much for the snow wolf!
Feng Ruqing’s face darkened as she asked, “Is it Liu Yunxiao that old fart who bullied you?”
The snow wolf nodded again.
Feng Ruqing suddenly rose up. As she was not holding the snow wolf in her arms, the snow wolf fell to the ground before it howled in pain.