The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 193 - Drinking with the State Preceptor? II

Chapter 193: Drinking with the State Preceptor? II

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Qing Zhu burst into tears as it fled from Nan Xian’s arms, and shot just like an arrow out of the Southern Bamboo Grove…
The snake was too fast, so it could not notice the person who was coming in front of it as it pounced forward.
Even though it was just a snake, anything that moved at such a pace was like an edged weapon!
When Qing Zhu saw the young girl who suddenly appeared, it could not stop itself but panickly bump into the young girl…
Nan Xian’s face suddenly changed as he took a step forward.
It was a fact that he had elegant steps just like the wind, but even with a small step, a mere step, he had reached right in front of Feng Ruqing.
In Feng Ruqing’s surprised eyes, a force came from the side as it dragged her into someone’s arms.
A man’s chest could be so warm.
She could even hear the sound of the heart beating…
Qing Zhu could not brake itself in time and hit the old tree in front of it. It cried out in pain and started to see stars.
“Were you frightened?” Nan Xian held Feng Ruqing in his arms, he lowered his head as his cool eyes fell upon the face of the young girl.
His voice was as bright as the moon, but it was so soft that… people could indulge themselves in it.
Qing Zhu had thrown its frail frame along the ground. It lifted its head as it looked at that nasty man and lady. Its eyes were filled with grief and resentment.
It was the snake that was injured, it was the snake!
But all Master cared about was if the princess was frightened…
Nobody even glanced at the snake!

Feng Ruqing looked up. At that moment, her eyes met Nan Xian’s cold eyes.
He was pure, noble, and elegant, just like the banished immortal that lived away from the secular world, as if any profanity would be an insult to him!
“State Preceptor, I have brought some wine.” She took out a wine jar that was hidden behind her, pleasing with herself, and smiled as she leaned on Nan Xian’s chest. “You weren’t here days before, and so you couldn’t taste the spirit wine that I had brewed. So, I have decided to visit you today.”
Nan Xian’s thoughtful eyes were drawn down to the wine jar in Feng Ruqing’s hands.
Not far away, Qing Zhu shook its head as it had just recovered from dizziness. But it had accidentally heard Nan Xian’s words. Its eyes popped open widely.
Master, didn’t you tell the emperor before that… the princess’s body could not cope with the alcohol?
Nan Xian might have noticed Qing Zhu’s astonishment and shot a cold glance back.
That glance made Qing Zhu tremble. It swallowed what it had intended to say as it took a few steps back.
Okay, he knew nothing…
Feng Ruqing had already sat inside the bamboo pavilion, which was located next to the pond. She took out three ceramic wine glass and smilingly turned to the Qing Zhu near her.
“Xiao Qing, you are welcome to join and taste the wine I have brewed.”
Qing Zhu’s face darkened as it said, “I’m Qing Zhu, not Xiao Qing!”
Feng Ruqing squinted and smiled. “Xiao Qing and snake soup, you pick one.”
Qing Zhu trembled and looked at Nan Xian subconsciously.
Nan Xian had already flicked his sleeve and sat down. He did not even spare a glance at the snake from the start.
Qing Zhu’s heart skipped a few beats as its voice was weaker than before. “Well, I’ll go with… Xiao Qing then.”
It was better than snake soup…
“Actually Snake Soup is quite a good name. If you don’t like it, I’ll call you Xiao Qing from now on.” Feng Ruqing sighed as she raised the jar and poured the wine into three cups.
From Xiao Qing’s expression, it seemed to be obsessed with that strong smell of that wine.
“This wine… seems better than the Divine-Spirit Fruit that you have given me before… it’s much more delicious.”