The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 195 - Give Birth to a Nest of Little Snakes? II

Chapter 195: Give Birth to a Nest of Little Snakes? II
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Nan Xian’s voice was light yet cold.
“Why should I remember an insignificant person?”
She suddenly remembered the first time she met the state preceptor. The state preceptor could call out to her by her name on sight.
Feng Ruqing squinted and said, “State Preceptor, to be honest, did you have a secret crush on me before? How could you call out my name on sight when we first met in the Southern Bamboo Grove?”
Nan Xian scanned Feng Ruqing from her head to toes, his thin lips then lifted gently. “Your size… it’s hard to forget.”
Feng Ruqing’s face darkened. Should she be thankful to the previous owner for making the body so fat that the state preceptor seemed to remember her better?
After seeing Nan Xian’s eyes, she removed herself from his body immediately as she gritted her teeth and said, “I, Feng Ruqing, am not a human if I can’t make it to ninety pounds!”
As soon as she finished speaking, Feng Ruqing angrily picked up the wine cup and drank the contents in a shot!
She had already known that she was not good with alcohol. She only wanted to take a sip, but unfortunately, the whole cup of wine went straight into her stomach.
She stumbled and fell without warning.
Nan Xian immediately stood up. He extended his hands and pulled Feng Ruqing into his arms.
The red dress fluttered with the light wind, and her hair floated along.
Nan Xian held her up by her waist. He turned his chilly eyes at Qing Zhu as if there were some hidden, cold rays hidden behind his eyes.
“You go and find out, who was the one who had bullied her yesterday… in detail.”
“Yes, Master.” Qing Zhu lifted its eyes and watched the young girl who was in Nan Xian’s arms. It asked, shocked, “Master, you know well that her body cannot cope with alcohol, why…”
Nan Xian smiled lightly, “As long as I’m here, it will be fine no matter what happened. If she wants to drink, what’s the harm of letting her be happy?”
Qing Zhu seemed to look more confused.
The snake really felt that… Master’s attitude toward the princess was really unusual. Was that really because the princess was someone he was looking for?
Or… There were other reasons?
Before Qing Zhu could think further, the young girl in Nan Xian’s arms slowly opened her eyes.
Her body size aside, this pair of eyes… was extremely beautiful.
Usually, a fatty’s eyes were squished into a line. But, her eyes were still big and bright. They seemed like they were glowing and were more dazzling than the moon.
Only that now… Feng Ruqing’s eyes were filled with enchantment. She jumped out of Nan Xian’s arms, and belched too?
But Qing Zhu was astounded.
The snake always felt that the princess had turned into someone else. Her eyes looked like they were looking at a bowl of snake soup when they looked at the snake.
“Master, please save me!!!”
Looking at the approaching Feng Ruqing, Qing Zhu retreated in shock as its whole snake body trembled.
Feng Ruqing belched again. Her steps were unstable, her cheeks were blushed, and her smile was bright.
“Indeed, I have been single for a long time, and even a snake looks pretty to me now. Little Snake, would you come home with me and help me give birth to a nest of Little Snakes ? 1
Nan Xian: “…”
Qing Zhu: “…”

At that moment, Qing Zhu was so frightened that its bladder might burst.
The present princess was worse than the old princess who wanted to make it into a snake soup.
What the heck did she mean by giving birth to a nest of Little Snakes? The snake was not a female! How could the snake give birth to a nest of Little Snakes?
The snake was a male. A male!
Suddenly, a pair of cold eyes emerged and swept in from the side, and shocked Qing Zhu. Its eyes were seized with terror as it turned around slowly and looked at Nan Xian.