The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 196 - Give Birth to a Nest of Little Snakes? III

Chapter 196: Give Birth to a Nest of Little Snakes? III
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“Wait, Master, I’m innocent. When you were not around this month, we only slept next to each other, nothing else had happened.”
Yup, they only laid on the grass and took an afternoon nap…
Besides, the snake was only half asleep because of fear. The snake was not sleeping at all, but all it wished was to send away the God of Pestilence.
As the snake finished speaking, the surroundings got more chilly, as if the whole Southern Bamboo Forest was suddenly ravaged by a severe winter.
Qing Zhu almost cried and said, “Master, please, believe me. I’m not the adulterer. We’re innocent!”
Nan Xian waved his sleeve and swept his palm in the air. The little azure snake that was still complaining and crying was thrown into the sky until it disappeared.
“Hmm? Where’s my Little Snake? It hasn’t given birth to the little snakes for me yet. Where has it gone?”
The young girl stopped moving. Her eyes were filled with confusion. She was stuck, not knowing where to go.
Behind her, a soft voice echoed with the wind.
“I have never raised a snake in my home. I believe you have seen the wrong thing just now.”
Feng Ruqing turned around in shock, she looked at the man behind her blankly.
Her vision was blurry as she could not clearly see the man’s face. She could only see the snowy white shirt, which was clean and divine.
“You’re drunk.”
The guy was already next to Feng Ruqing. His hand caressed her head gently as he frowned a little. He felt quite helpless.
He knew that Feng Ruqing should not drink. A cup of wine could make her go wild.
He just could not even begin to imagine that… she would flirt… with a snake when she was drunk.
“I’ll take you home to rest.”
Nan Xian raised his hands as he wished to hold her up again.
But this time, Feng Ruqing did not do as he wished. She pushed away Nan Xian’s hand. Then she slapped Nan Xian’s handsome face.
“Man, go away!”
Don’t try to take advantage of her when she is drunk!
Nan Xian’s face suddenly darkened. He grasped Feng Ruqing’s hand tightly.
There was a mark of five fingers on his face.
“Qing’er, stop that.”
“Go away, I need to find Little Snake to help me give birth to snake babies.”
‘Hmm, where’s Little Snake? Why is the snake still not back yet?’
“It is a male snake!”
“You are lying. It is clear that it’s Xiao Qing, Xiao Qing is a female snake. Go away, I want to find Xiao…”
As soon as she turned and tried to leave, she accidentally tripped over a stone. Her whole body was thrown aside. She grabbed at the air, panicked, and she got a…
“I found Little Snake, but this Little Snake… why is it shorter than the previous snake?
“Hmm, why has this Little Snake grown bigger ?” 1

Nan Xian had reached out and caught the young girl who nearly fell.
Only that…
The young girl firmly grabbed the “Little Snake” that she thought was really a snake. She was reluctant to let her hands go, which really made Nan Xian’s face turn dark.
“Little Snake, I have got you this time. Don’t you think of running away from me again. You belong to me in the future. You’re mine, and you will always be mine. You have to give birth to a nest of little snakes for me! If you dare to run away, I’ll chop you into two pieces!”
She pinched it twice as a way to show her determination.
Nan Xian’s could not keep his indifferent expression. He inhaled a breath of cold air.
“Qing’er, keep your hands off.”
If she let go, it would sneak away!
“Listen, let go. It won’t run away from you. Be good and let go of your hands.”
Nan Xian frowned as he could not control himself but sound helpless.