The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 197 - Give Birth to a Nest of Little Snakes? IV

Chapter 197: Give Birth to a Nest of Little Snakes? IV
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It seemed that it would be better not to let this girl drink…
Feng Ruqing still did not let go. She really thought it was a little snake and continued to play with it.
Something cold flashed in Nan Xian’s eyes. He placed his fingertip on the young lady neck, a glow of spiritual qi flowed into her body, and soon… the young girl’s body turned soft and fell into his arms.
The hand that firmly grasped onto the “Little Snake” gradually loosened.

By the time Feng Ruqing woke up from the slumber, it was already sunset.
She felt a burst of pain on her temples. She rubbed them with her hands to help the throbbing.
As soon as she recalled being very drunk in front of the state preceptor, her face darkened as wished she could find a hole and hide inside it.
“Are you awake?”
A cold voice came from next to her.
Feng Ruqing blinked and turned around.
The familiar white shirt, face, and smell…
Also… the distinct five-finger red mark on his face.
Nan Xian pursed his lips gently and threw a confused look at Feng Ruqing.
Feng Ruqing quivered as she saw that look. She asked, her voice trembling, “State Preceptor… After I was drunk… Did I do anything? Your face…”
She… had hit him?
Nan Xian was just like a fairy with a cool aura as he walked.
The premise was to ignore the bloody fingerprint on his face…
“You don’t remember any of it?” Nan Xian looked at her helplessly. “You slapped me after you were drunk yesterday.”
Feng Ruqing’s eyes widened.
This… She did it? How could she not remember it?
She stretched out her finger gently and caressed the marks on the man’s face. She felt guilty as she asked painfully, “State Preceptor, what else did I do?”
Nan Xian looked at her coldly. “You hugged me.”
“Erm, anything else?”
“Kissed me…”
“And then?”
“Gave me a slap.”
For the first time, Feng Ruqing felt she was just like a beast!
She had molested the state preceptor when she was drunk. The state preceptor did not blame her, yet she had given him a slap.
Feng Ruqing suddenly felt like crying as she felt guilty and regretful. Her face was filled with mixed emotions.
Well, why did she drink a full cup of wine? Why!
“You even said…” Nan Xian’s eyes flashed imperceptibly and continued, “I only belong to you in the future, if I dare to run away, you will …”
As he said this, he did not forget to glance between his legs.
“Chop it in two.”
Feng Ruqing followed the direction of his eyes, and she saw… that thing he mentioned.
At that moment, Feng Ruqing felt like there was thunder rolling in the sky as her body turned stiff.
It was true that she did mention that she wanted to sleep with the state preceptor, however… The state preceptor was such a cool fairy-like man, and he should be clear from filthy words!
That was the reason why she just wanted to sleep him, but not… to tease him with nasty words!
Therefore, when she learned what she said after being drunk, Feng Ruqing went blank as if she stood in the gale, and could not come to her senses for a while.
Alcohol, that was a harmful thing…
She knew it well!
“So, State Preceptor, where am I now?” Feng Ruqing shifted the topic quickly and asked.
Nan Xian gently pursed his lips. “In my bed.”
Bed… On the state preceptor’s bed….
Feng Ruqing was stunned.
She did not… drag the state preceptor into his bed, and then… did she?