The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 198 - Marry the State Preceptor? I

Chapter 198: Marry the State Preceptor? I
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Feng Ruqing had lost control after getting drunk and had slept with the state preceptor who had always been ascetic.
Thinking of this, Feng Ruqing’s body stiffened.
‘What should I do now?’
What if Nan Xian got angry and disallowed Feng Ruqing to step into the Southern Bamboo Grove again? How could she ever sleep with Nan Xian again?
“State Preceptor, don’t worry. I won’t hold you responsible, and I won’t take any responsibility for this. Let’s forget about this and move on as if nothing has happened.” Feng Ruqing raised her head and stared intently at Nan Xian as if she had made an important decision.
Nan Xian fell silent with an expression of utter nonchalance.
Seeing this, Feng Ruqing felt more anxious.
‘Have I really forced myself on him and he is now thinking of how he can penalize me? If I run away, can I escape from him?’
“What do you think happened between us?” Nan Xian lowered his gaze to look at the lady who was lying on the bed.
“Naturally, it is…” Feng Ruqing bit back the words.
“You are saying that nothing has happened between us?” Dumbstruck with a strange surprise, Feng Ruqing asked.
Nan Xian nodded slightly.
Feng Ruqing heaved a sigh of relief, but at the same time, her eyes filled with disappointment.
As Feng Ruqing lowered her head, Nan Xian could only hear her sigh but did not see the disappointment in her eyes.
“Your Highness, it is true that nothing has happened between us. However, you have slid your hands all over my body. What is the feeling of touching my body?” Nan Xian closed his eyes tightly, the corner of his lips curved into a faint smile.
“The feeling of touching your body?” Feng Ruqing was dumbfounded again.
She followed Nan Xian’s eyes and finally her eyes landed between his thighs.
Feng Ruqing’s mind exploded like a bursting balloon. Although she had always let her hands wander all over Nan Xian’s body, she had never crossed the line. Now that she had actually touched his private part?
“How do you feel?” Nan Xian took a few steps closer to Feng Ruqing as he asked with a faint smile on his face.
His words were flirtatious, but his face was indifferent as if asking an ordinary question.
“I was drunk, and I couldn’t feel anything. Can I touch it again?” Feng Ruqing raised her head dazedly, the words slipped out before she could stop herself.
As soon as Feng Ruqing finished her sentence, a loud bang sounded and shook the wooden house.
Stunned, Feng Ruqing turned her head only to see a snake covered in dust crawling in from outside the wooden house. The snake lifted its tongue with huge effort, its eyes were flooded with tears.
“Mas… Master, I’m back…” The snake whimpered.
“Hey, Little Snake, where did you go? What had happened to you?” Seeing the azure snake, Feng Ruqing jumped out of the bed joyfully.
Hearing the familiar voice, poor Qing Zhu turned its head only to see Feng Ruqing. In a flash, the snake spluttered with rage.
“Don’t you dare to ask me! It’s all because of…”
Suddenly, there was a sudden flash of light, a cold gaze pierced the snake.
“I’m alright. I went… sightseeing.” Stunned, the snake bit back its words and forced a smile.
“You went sightseeing? Why do you look so miserable? Tell me who has bullied you. I will avenge you!” Feng Ruqing’s eyes narrowed.