The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 199 - Marry the State Preceptor? II

Chapter 199: Marry the State Preceptor? II
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Qing Zhu swallowed hard. It wanted to tell Feng Ruqing that its own master was the one who bullied it. However, Qing Zhu bit back the words after seeing Nan Xian’s penetrating gaze.
“No one has bullied me. I took a trip to the sky. I just came back from the sky.”
“A trip to the sky? A snake can actually fly?” Feng Ruqing was sizing up Qing Zhu in disbelief. She could feel that this little snake was hiding something from her.
“Ah… I told my master that I want to take a trip to the sky like a bird. Hence, my master lent me a helping hand.” Qing Zhu glimpsed at Nan Xian fearfully and then fixed its eyes at Feng Ruqing.
“Are you sure? If I find out that you are hiding something from me, I will tear you into pieces and make snake soup out of you to nourish the state preceptor’s body.” Feng Ruqing walked toward Qing Zhu with a bright smile.
“I don’t like snakeskin.” Nan Xian looked immensely relieved.
“Alright, I will peel off the skin before making the soup. I am sure it would be a mouth-watering delicacy.’
The princess wanted to please Nan Xian with Qing Zhu’s flesh, and Nan Xian had actually accepted it carefreely? Who did this Little Snake mess with? Why must it suffer such great pain at such a tender age?
Hearing this, Qing Zhu widened its eyes.
“Both of you are working together to bully me!” Bursting into tears, Qing Zhu turned to rush out the door. Qing Zhu wanted to leave its master and never come back again.
Watching Qing Zhu leaving, Feng Ruqing turned to look at Nan Xian as she blinked.
“Did I wrong Qing Zhu? Perhaps, what it said was true…” Otherwise, the little snake would not be so resentful. Thinking of this, Feng Ruqing felt guilty about her reaction. However, the feeling vanished as soon as Nan Xian walked toward her. Currently, there was only Nan Xian’s stunning face in her eyes.
“Forget about this. Qing Zhu will return shortly.”
The wooden house sank into a peaceful silence. Feng Ruqing could feel the temperature in the room rising, and her back was covered with sweat.
As Feng Ruqing was extremely close to Nan Xian, she could feel his breath on her face.
“State Preceptor, don’t you feel hot?”
“You can just tell me forthrightly that you want me to take off my clothes,” Nan Xian fell into a moment of silence before he responded.
Feng Ruqing was rendered speechless. Was she such a lascivious lady in the eyes of Nan Xian?
“Well, are you willing to do so?”
Feng Ruqing stared at Nan Xian in his eyes as if she was capable of seeing his beautiful body through his clothes.
“I will fulfill your dreams when you can finally defeat me. You can always look for me in the Southern Bamboo Grove if someone bullies you.” With a faint smile on his face, Nan Xian stretched his arm to stroke Feng Ruqing’s head. His movement was extremely gentle and filled with affections.
“If someone bullies me, will you comfort me with your body?” Feng Ruqing stared at Nan Xian longingly.
Nan Xian’s face stiffened, the smile vanished immediately. His eyes were suddenly filled with helplessness.
“I will protect you.”
“Well, I don’t need it. You just have to comfort me.”
Feng Ruqing did not need a man’s protection. It was true that she liked Nan Xian. However, she only liked his handsome face, and there was nothing else. She would never put all her hopes in a man.
If Nan Xian could lend her a hand, perhaps he could avenge her…