The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 200 - Marry to the State Preceptor? III

Chapter 200: Marry to the State Preceptor? III
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Feng Ruqing knew that she could only count on herself. No matter how strong the other person was, it had nothing to do with her.
“You don’t want me to protect you?” Hesitating for a moment, Nan Xian furrowed his brows. Her eyes were as calm as still water.
“State Preceptor, are you sure you will come to my rescue in time whenever I am in trouble? If I just rely on you and never enhance my strength, when you are no longer by my side, who else is going to protect me?” A faint smile hung on Feng Ruqing’s lips.
Startled, Nan Xian fixed his eyes on Feng Ruqing.
“Moreover, I have decided to sleep with you ever since I met you. As you have said that you would fulfill my dream only when I can defeat you. It is a great challenge, indeed, but it’s also my motivation. If you come to my rescue whenever I am in trouble, I will never grow up,” Feng Ruqing smiled as she said.
“State Preceptor, don’t worry. I will handle these people on my own. I am just letting them live on for a while. If they bully me and you want to comfort me, you can do so with your body…”
As soon as Feng Ruqing finished her words, Nan Xian’s hand pressed against the back of her head and slammed it into his chest, causing a stifling sensation of pain on her forehead.
“Is this enough?” A gentle voice sounded above her head.
“Not enough.” Feng Ruqing raised her head, her eyes were shining with delight.
As soon as she finished her words, she pressed her lips against his jaw.
Feng Ruqing’s lips were soft and tender. Even a quick light kiss had struck Nan Xian like lightning. He could feel a stinging sensation all over his body, which gave him an intense pleasure that he had never experienced before.
“State Preceptor, do you look down on me?” Feng Ruqing smiled even brighter.
As Feng Ruqing could not restrain the urge of kissing him, she thought that Nan Xian would push her away. However, he did not stop her.
“Why should I look down on you?” Hiding all the emotions in his eyes, Nan Xian lowered his eyes to stare at the lady in his embrace.
“Because… I am fat…”
“You’re slightly fat, but you look gorgeous.” As Nan Xian stroked her head, a glimpse of joy flashed in his cold eyes.
“Really?” Feng Ruqing’s eyes lit up.
Both Qin Chen and Dai’er had complimented her before, but none of them was as sweet as Nan Xian’s words, which sent a thrill of joy to her heart.
“State Preceptor, I need to visit the Iron-Blooded Troop. I will drop by next time.”
Soon, she disappeared into the distance.
Nan Xian lowered his eyes, his slender fingers stroking his jaw. He could still feel the warmth of her kiss lingering on his jaw.
In the dungeon, the pungent smell that was lingering in the air had nearly made Liu Rong, who grew up in the lap of luxury, throw up.
“Mother, please help me to plead with the emperor for mercy. Feng Ruqing had sent someone here to escort me to the barracks. I have yet to marry the state preceptor. I don’t want to leave the palace!” Feng Rushuang fell down before the cell gate as she cried her heart out.
It was already difficult for Feng Rushuang to meet Nan Xian. Once she reached the barracks, it was almost impossible for her to meet him again.