The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 201 - The Ill-Fated Lady—Feng Rushuang I

Chapter 201: The Ill-Fated Lady—Feng Rushuang I
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There were so many impudent hussies in Liu Yun Kingdom. What if the state preceptor had given his heart to another when Feng Rushuang returned to the city?
“Feng Ruqing is truly vicious! She must have fallen for the state preceptor’s stunning face. As she is afraid that she is no match for me, she sends me to the barracks.”
Although Liu Rong cared for Feng Rushuang, she knew that Feng Rushang should no longer stay in the imperial city. Otherwise, Feng Ruqing would put Feng Rushang into big trouble.
“Shuang’er, I can’t bear to part with you. However, since Feng Ruqing wants to send you to the barracks, if you refuse to do so, she will not let you off easily. Perhaps, I would get into trouble as well.”
Hearing this, Feng Rushuang’s body stiffened. She raised her head to look at Liu Rong, her cheeks were covered with tears, and a profound sorrow clouded her face.
“Mother, are you thinking of my safety or the Liu family’s?” Feng Rushuang sneered.
Hearing this, the color drained out of Liu Rong’s face.
As Feng Rushuang was her daughter, naturally, Liu Rong cared for her. However, there was nothing that she could do to help Feng Rushuang.
“Shuang’er, hang in there. I will take you home after some time. In any event, we should act in the best interest of the overall situation. If we mess with His Majesty, the Liu family will get into trouble. Do you get what I mean?” Liu Rong stretched her arms and held onto Feng Rushuang’s hands through the cell gate.
If Nalan Hu and Qin Feiyang had not attained Spirit Warrior tier, Feng Rushuang would not have to suffer such an unbearable agony.
Liu Rong lowered her eyes to hide her malicious gaze.
‘Feng Ruqing, you will have to pay back several times more than the things that you did to both of us!’
Slightly startled, Feng Rushuang looked at Liu Rong in bewilderment. Seeing Liu Rong’s face was overcast with viciousness, bitterness crept into her face.
“What about the state preceptor? Mother, I have fallen for the state preceptor ever since I met him. He is the only person I would marry in my life.”
Feng Rushuang would never forget the things that had happened the day when she was still young and naive, she had accidentally barged into the Southern Bamboo Grove.
Suddenly, a young master in a white robe with a zither in his hands came into sight. He looked enchantingly stunning as if a deity had descended from the sky.
At that very moment, the state preceptor had entirely taken hold of her heart. He had a place in her heart that no one else could have. Her life was meaningless if she could not marry the state preceptor.
“Shuang’er, listen to me. I met the state preceptor the other day…” Liu Rong gritted her teeth, a dull ache gnawed at her heart.
Feng Rushuang’s body stiffened, a glint of astonishment shone in her eyes.
“I have even brought up a proposal of marriage.” Liu Rong took a deep breath.
“What did the state preceptor say?” Feng Rushuang’s eyes flooded with tears as she asked anxiously. She had totally forgotten about her current situation.
“He said that you are so talented and gorgeous, he likes you too. He is thrilled to take you to be his wife. However…” A light flashed across Liu Rong’s eyes.
‘For real? The state preceptor likes me?’
“What is it about?” Radiant with joy, Feng Rushuang clenched her fists hard.
“He told me that he hates Feng Ruqing just as much as we hate her. If we could end her life for him, he would marry you.”
Hearing this, the joy on Feng Rushuang’s face vanished without a trace.
“Mother, are you lying to me? With his strength, Feng Ruqing is nothing but a piece of cake. If he hates her, why he would he want us to do this for him?” Feng Rushuang pursed her lips.